Helping you to secure the best possible outcome from your London settlement agreement

  • A settlement agreement is a way of ending an employment contract that does so on an agreed set of terms. This is sometimes done in order to resolve an ongoing employment dispute.
  • If offered a settlement agreement by your employer, you are obliged to take legal advice before signing the agreement to ensure you fully understand the potential consequences of waiving certain rights.
  • Settlement agreements can be very complex. Our specialist employment solicitors in London can guide you through all clauses of the agreement and ensure you receive the best possible package in your specific circumstances.

If you have been offered a settlement agreement (which used to be known as compromise agreements) by your London employer, it’s essential that you have specialist advice to make sure your interests are protected, before you sign anything.

One reason why a settlement agreement is sometimes offered is when your employer wishes you to leave the employment of the business under a specific set of terms. This might be because there is an ongoing dispute with your employer, or it might be instead of redundancy or for another business reason. A settlement agreement generally includes a lump sum of money that you will be paid and, in return for this, you’ll agree to sign away your employment rights to bring a potential claim against your employer either now or in the future.

As a settlement agreement requires you to waive legal rights, it’s a requirement that you receive independent legal advice about the agreement before you sign it. This is to make sure that you understand the consequences and implications of the agreement before you make a decision and can also help you to determine whether the sum of money being offered is fair, in relation to the rights that you are voluntarily giving up in return for it. Our expert settlement agreement London team will take you through the agreement to make sure that you understand all of the clauses and offer advice on whether the sum offered is fair. We can make sure that anyone who needs settlement agreement advice in London has access to the expert advice needed for them to make an informed choice on the offer.

If you don’t feel that the deal you are being offered by your London employer is fair, we can negotiate on your behalf to help ensure that you receive the best possible outcome.

Should I sign a settlement agreement?

Every situation involving a settlement agreement is different, which means that it’s absolutely essential to get an expert to look at every clause in the agreement that you are offered. With legal advice from a solicitor who is experienced in dealing with lots of different settlement agreements, they can make sure that you’re aware of any potential consequences before you make a decision about signing yours.

Sometimes, your London employer might have offered you a settlement agreement because they believe you may bring an employment tribunal claim against them in future and they want to avoid this. If you sign the settlement agreement, this will mean that you’re agreeing that you won’t make a claim against them at any point, in return for the sum of money they agree to pay you.

It’s vital that you understand every aspect of the agreement before you decide to sign it and that you are happy to take the money offered in return for waiving certain employment rights. It can be difficult to know what kind of settlement agreement in London is a fair deal or not, but our expert team will be able to help you assess what is reasonable and appropriate in your specific circumstances. You can compare the sum offered with the potential value of a claim if you were to go to an employment tribunal, but it’s important to note that there is no guarantee that the tribunal panel would find in your favour, which means you could lose out financially.

Our experienced team providing specialist settlement agreement advice in London can help to ensure that you get the best possible outcome from the settlement agreement process, enabling you to concentrate on the next stage in your career and move forward with confidence.

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