Helping you negotiate a settlement agreement with your employer from a position of strength

  • A settlement agreement can be used to end your employment on agreed terms or to resolve an employment dispute.
  • When you sign the agreement, you waive all your rights to take your employer to a court or tribunal, so it is a statutory requirement that you receive independent legal advice on its terms.
  • Settlement agreements are complex and you will need expert advice. Our specialist employment lawyers will guide you through the agreement and ensure you walk away with the best possible package.

Have you been given a settlement agreement to sign? You need to be sure you’re receiving the best deal possible.

Settlement agreements can be used if you are leaving a business as a way to end the employment relationship on a set of agreed terms, or to resolve a dispute between you and your employer. A settlement agreement usually takes the form of you being offered a lump sum payment in return for signing away your right to make a claim against your employer at any time in the future.

The complicated nature of settlement agreements makes it essential to instruct someone who will walk you through the whole agreement, so you fully understand each clause and are satisfied with the deal being offered to you.

What is a settlement agreement?

As an employee, if you are in dispute with your employer, you have a right to pursue the matter in a court or tribunal. The exception to this is when you and your employer have entered into what is known as a settlement agreement, which meets the necessary statutory requirements.

Why have I been offered a settlement agreement?

Once a valid settlement agreement has been agreed and entered into by both parties, you will have waived your right to go to an employment tribunal in relation to any of the claims listed in the document.

An employer could be offering you a settlement agreement because they believe you might have a valid claim against them, or this could simply be a routine procedure when employees leave the business or organisation.

How much would a settlement agreement cost me?

As it is a statutory requirement that independent legal advice is received, employers will usually agree to a contribution to your legal costs at a fixed rate to access this advice. If this has not been discussed, it may be worth raising this matter with your employer.

If you wish to negotiate the settlement agreement you have been offered by your employer to try and get a better deal, any associated legal costs will need to be paid by you. Your solicitor should discuss these costs with you before taking any action on your behalf.

How can Moore Barlow assist you?

As you are renouncing your rights to ever bring a claim against your employer, you need to be absolutely certain you are satisfied with the terms of the agreement before you sign it. The agreement will have to cover many areas and so will inevitably be complicated, which means it’s vital you have expert legal advice from someone who can negotiate on your behalf.

Our team of dedicated employment solicitors at Moore Barlow have a vast range of experience in advising on and negotiating the terms of a settlement agreement. Rather than you merely accepting the agreement that is offered to you, we will examine it closely first and tell you whether the deal being proposed is good for you or if you should negotiate a better package.

Our expert services in this area range from dealing with simple, straightforward settlement agreements to complicated or contentious ones, meaning we’re ideally placed to advise you in relation to your specific set of circumstances, so you leave the situation with the best possible agreement.

We have offices in London, Richmond, Woking, Guildford, Southampton and Lymington, and we offer specialist support and expert advice to clients all over the country.