In our second Cognito podcast, Zoe Hanson is joined by Emily Russell, Critical Care and Performance Dietician. They take a deep dive into how nutrition can affect performance in the boardroom, just as it can in elite sport.

What are the fundamentals of a good diet? How can the right foods improve cognitive function?

Emily shares her thoughts on how our busy lifestyles can lead to unhealthy habits and ‘quick fix’ culture.

Listen and download:

Featured on this episode

Emily Russell, Critical Care and Performance Dietician

Currently working on a private basis in high performance, Emily is a registered dietitian working in high-performance sport and within the clinical setting in NHS Intensive Care Units. In the past, Emily has worked with the Japan Cycling Federation for the endurance track cycling team.

Emily has a Bachelor of Science Honours Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics and a Master of Science Degree in Sport, Exercise and Nutrition Science.

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