Helping you with your roles and responsibilities as the executor of someone’s estate

If you are the executor of someone’s estate, it is important to have a clear understanding of your legal responsibilities. You will need to feel confident that the process will be handled as quickly and efficiently as possible, and with sensitivity at your time of loss. Our probate lawyers are highly experienced in dealing with estates and have an expert knowledge of the law in this area.

Peace of mind

As the executor of someone’s estate, the death of a loved one can not only be a very upsetting time, but it can be a stressful time too. As executor, you are responsible for dealing with the deceased’s estate , this is often referred to as ‘estate administration’. A thorough understanding of your legal responsibilities can ensure that the whole process is dealt with as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Why Moore Barlow?

With a team of specialist probate lawyers, we can help make the process run smoothly minimising complications. We take sensitivity into account just as much as legal advice, as we understand the difficult nature of the situation and how this can affect you.

Working on complex estate administration to make the process as straightforward as possible for you

Estate administration involves dealing with assets such as bank accounts, property, personal possessions, and sometimes even pets and animals. As executor, you will also play a role in collecting and realising assets, paying any debts and inheritance tax due and dividing the estate amongst beneficiaries.

Estate administration can be a complicated and lengthy process, as all finances, assets and property will remain inaccessible until the court that deals with a deceased person’s affairs gives permission to deal with the assets. The value of the estate will confirm whether and what type of Grant of Representation will be required – usually a Grant of Probate or a Grant of Letters of Administration.

Our team are experienced in dealing with estates, and making the process as simple and straightforward as possible for you. We can also help you deal with estates that need more esoteric forms of grant, and with international estates – both in obtaining documentation and advising on foreign assets.

Specialist and compassionate professionals committed to providing you with the right support

At Moore Barlow, we are distinct from other firms and banks who charge a percentage value of the estate in question – we simply charge an hourly rate for the work involved. As specialists in probate, we have the correct systems in place to deliver real efficiencies and reduce cost.

We take care to listen to you, with the sensitivity to know when emotional support is just as important as legal advice. Our probate solicitors are highly experienced specialists with expert knowledge of this area of the law. We can help you with probate questions and issues from any of our offices in Guildford, Lymington, Richmond, Southampton, Woking or in the City of London.


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