Supporting your visa application to bring your spouse or partner or family to the UK

There are strict rules if you want to bring your spouse, partner or family when you move to the UK and your application must be supported by detailed evidence.

  • As experts in immigration law, we will explain the process and ensure you have all the necessary documents.
  • We can also introduce you to helpful contacts such as relocation companies, estate agents and wealth management professionals, to make your move to the UK easier.

When you move to another country, it’s only natural to want your spouse or partner to come with you. For the UK, that means applying for a spouse or partner visa. The requirements for this visa can seem complex, but don’t worry. By taking a methodical approach and making sure you provide all the evidence needed, your application should proceed smoothly.

UK immigration rules put a lot of emphasis on showing you can meet the maintenance requirement (the amount of funds you’ll need) to support your partner or family. You will need to provide proof of employment or self employment, company accounts, rental income, cash savings and any state benefits (public funds) you’re entitled to.

Our specialist immigration team advises on all aspects of family migration to the UK. We work closely with families who want to settle here, helping them obtain spouse or partner visas, and the visas they need to bring their children too.

We support numerous visa applications every year, so we have in-depth knowledge of the latest legal developments and how to help you meet them. We’ll check your personal circumstances, make sure you can satisfy the immigration requirements and guide you through the application process. The key aspect is to ensure you have all the documentation to successfully demonstrate you can meet the level of funds required. If there are any problems, we can discuss them with the Home Office on your behalf.

Obtaining your visa is obviously a vital step, yet there’s more to consider when you are moving to the UK. We can also introduce you to our network of helpful contacts such as relocation companies, cross cultural trainers, estate agents and wealth management professionals. Together, we will make your transition to live, work and invest in the UK as stress-free as possible.

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