Expert support to help you appeal against a Home Office immigration decision

It is possible to appeal some negative decisions about your immigration status

  • The appeal process is complex with several stages, and to succeed you will need a strong case and expert legal representation.
  • Our experienced immigration team takes a thorough and determined approach to appealing decisions, and we work with specialist Barristers to give you the best possible chance of success.

Receiving a negative decision about your immigration status is understandably upsetting and you may want to appeal the decision. This has become more difficult in recent years, as many rights of appeal have been removed for various immigration categories. However, there are still ways you can challenge Home Office decisions.

Appeals and reviews against Home Office decisions are often complicated and time consuming. Your appeal will need to follow a set procedure and be made on a basis that is acceptable to the Courts. For these reasons, it is highly advisable that you seek advice from a credible, recognised immigration lawyer.

Our specialist immigration team can help you ascertain the next steps if your application has been refused, and explain the possible outcomes. We will make sure we understand what is important to you, and work hard to find the best solution.

Whilst it’s not always possible to appeal against every refusal, in some cases we have secured a right to appeal even when the Home Office has not offered one. We can:

  • tell you whether your case is strong enough to appeal to the First or Upper Tribunal or Higher Courts.
  • submit an Administrative Review or formal complaint to the Home Office.
  • apply for a Judicial Review if your application has been refused.

Taking an appeal to a tribunal or review is challenging, but you will have our full and determined support, with pragmatic advice and honest assessment at every stage. We work closely with a team of Barristers who are legal experts in the field of immigration and nationality law, and we will ensure your appeal has the greatest possible chance of succeeding.

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