Helping high net worth individuals invest and settle in the UK

  • The Tier 1 Investor visa allows you to live and eventually settle in the UK, in return for inward investment of at least £2m.
  • There are accelerated routes to settle in the UK for example £5 million investment , three years and £10 million investment , two years
  • We will help guide you to a successful application and can introduce you to trusted contacts including international tax advisors, wealth management professionals and private bankers.

The Tier 1 Investor visa is designed to attract high net worth individuals who intend to make the UK their main home. In return for invest £2 million or more in UK government bonds, share capital or loan capital in active and trading UK registered companies, it offers distinct advantages.

The Tier 1 Investor visa has one of the shortest Investor immigration application processing times amongst the G8 countries (USA, Japan, Russia, Italy, Germany, France, Canada and the UK), and more straightforward entry criteria. It also provides an accelerated route to indefinite leave to remain (settling in the UK) after three years if you invest at least £5 million or two years if you invest at least £10 million.

You can (but are not obliged to) work, study or engage in business activities in the UK. Unlike most other UK immigration categories there are no official English language requirements or supporting funds required. Your spouse or civil partner and children under the age of 18 years can apply as your dependants, and you can buy property and register your children in private or UK government funded schools immediately.

Although this is a simpler route to living in the UK, the whole process of ensuring you meet all the requirements, preparing your documentation, making the application and complying with the investment rules, is still complex. This is why we recommend you seek our expert assistance from the beginning.

Our specialist immigration team not only takes care of all these onerous tasks, but also helps you maximise the value of your investment in the UK. We coordinate closely with our firm’s experts in tax and trusts, succession planning, property, and commercial and employment matters. We’ll also introduce you to trusted, high calibre accountants, international tax advisors, wealth management professionals and private bankers, to provide you with a comprehensive, integrated stress-free service to help you live, work and invest in the UK.

We have offices in London, Richmond, Southampton, Woking, Lymington and Guildford and can offer specialist support both nationally and globally.

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