Ground-breaking major trauma service wins national award

Innovative national law firm Moore Blatch is celebrating winning the Rehabilitation Initiative of the Year award at the 2017 Rehabilitation First Awards.

The Rehabilitation First Awards , now in their 13th year , recognise individuals and organisations across a number of sectors that contribute to the provision of high quality rehabilitative care and support.

Moore Blatch received the award for its work and partnership with King’s College and St George’s hospitals in London. The pioneering initiative has seen Moore Blatch establish its unique major trauma service, with a focus on supporting the rehabilitation and recovery of major trauma patients by linking them to the legal assistance they require.

In honouring Moore Blatch with this award, the judges recognised the success of this initiative in helping victims of catastrophic injuries access the support they need through their recovery, contributing to improved medical outcomes and quality of life.

Moore Blatch are the first, and remain the only, law firm to have set up a dedicated major trauma service. Established in 2015, the service works in close collaboration with NHS trusts, charities and insurers to provide joined-up rehabilitative care and support for victims of catastrophic injuries.

The major trauma service is a product of Moore Blatch’s innovative approach, and follows on from similar pioneering initiatives such as Aspire Law , a specialist partnership between Moore Blatch and national spinal injury charity Aspire that provides personalised legal support to victims of spinal cord injuries.

For Trevor Sterling, who heads Moore Blatch’s major trauma service, this year’s award is his third in six years.

Trevor Sterling, partner for medical relations at Moore Blatch, said:

This award is a fantastic vindication of the hard work and dedication of the major trauma team here at Moore Blatch.

“We are immensely proud to be part of the industry’s leading major trauma service, seeking to pioneer innovative new models for joined-up, person-focused rehabilitative support.

“Our dedicated major trauma service is at the forefront of innovation in this field, and it is great to see our commitment and expertise rewarded.”