Substantial six figure sum for a delay in diagnosis of a young lady’s Cauda Equina syndrome

Our client suffered a delay in diagnosis and treatment of her cauda equina syndrome, resulting in significant neurological damage. Cauda Equina syndrome occurs when the bundle of nerves at the end of the spine are damaged. The condition is considered a medical emergency and must be treated quickly to prevent damage being done.

Our client attended A&E in light of her difficulties in passing urine, increasingly severe back and left leg pain and lack of her sensation in her groin and left foot but the Defendant failed to correctly record her complaints and carry out the appropriate examinations and investigations (including an urgent MRI scan) to diagnose her condition. This would have resulted in earlier decompression surgery and a better neurological outcome. Our client now suffers from a loss of bowel and bladder function, sexual dysfunction, left leg and foot numbness and weakness, back and left leg pain and mobility issues. She walks with a limp and her balance is affected. She cannot walk long distances. She has also become depressed as a result of her injuries and has been diagnosed with a Chronic Adjustment Disorder with Mixed Anxiety and Depressed Mood. She struggles in her employment as a Digital Marketing Executive because of her persisting problems.

Whilst the Defendant continued to deny liability, they were also keen to settle the matter before court proceedings were issued, which resulted in a significant six figure settlement.

From my very first meeting with Victoria Jones I was confident in her knowledge of Cauda Equina cases and the realistic perspective she provided regarding the merits of my claim. Victoria’s command of the detail of my case was exceptional and at every stage I felt comfortable with her advice, she showed compassion and understanding for the trauma caused by my injuries and the lasting effects upon my life. My claim was a complex one with no guarantee, but Victoria took her time working in a highly professionally and diligent manner which resulted in us reaching a successfully settlement. Typically claims of Cauda Equina take upwards of five years, Victoria managed to reach a settlement in just over four years. Victoria has helped to change the course of my life and I will be eternally grateful to her and the support of the many expert health professionals.

I had initially started my clinical negligence claim with another firm of solicitors who have a large online presence for Cauda Equina claims. Disappointed with their service and the fact that in their view I did not have a case, I researched local solicitors who also specialised in Cauda Equina negligence claims, which is when I discovered Moore Barlow (originally Barlow Robbins). Following my no obligation meeting with Victoria Jones and I came away feeling positive about her knowledge of Cauda Equina and her view on the merits of my claim, she took the time to really understand the detail and the traumatic effect on my life. I instantly felt in great hands. We reached a successful out of court settlement with the defendant and I will be forever grateful to Victoria and all the hard work she put in to my successful claim. I would highly recommend Moore Barlow, if you have a clinical negligence claim.