The complexities of dealing with a brain injury claim

Dealing with a brain injury compensation claim can be much more complex than a normal personal injury claim. Brain injuries are typically severe, and their consequences can be lifelong. This makes it critical to ensure that all costs related to the injury are accounted for in the compensation claim and for that, a specialist solicitor is required. 

Assessing the value of the claim

Unlike other injury claims, brain injury claims require extensive medical treatment and ongoing care. The long-term outlook must be considered when assessing the value of the claim. In some cases, the claim can run into millions of pounds, depending on the severity of the injury and its impact on the person’s life.

Calculating the value of a brain injury claim involves accounting for present and future expenses, including medical bills, lost wages, and the cost of ongoing care. It also includes the pain and suffering the person endures, as well as the impact on their quality of life. Assessing these factors requires expert legal help, medical professionals, and rehabilitation specialists.

Involving medical experts

Brain injury claims need experts in the field of neurological activity and other related medical professionals to help calculate the exact requirements of the patient. They will help determine the nature of the injury, its severity, and its potential long-term effects on the person’s life. They are vital to establishing the prognosis for the injured party.

Medical reports will need to confirm that the injury was caused by the negligent party responsible for the accident. They will also confirm that the effects of the injury are severe and require ongoing medical attention.

The nature of the legal process

Brain injury claims are more complex than other injury claims because the legal process is not always straightforward. Insurance companies and fellow parties involved can often fight back against any compensation claim, especially if it’s a large one. They may try to play down the severity of the injury or take a more aggressive approach towards them.

It is challenging for those with brain injuries to deal with the legal process themselves. They are vulnerable and sometimes unable to handle complex legal issues. They need the support of expert personal injury solicitors with extensive experience dealing with brain injury cases.

How Moore Barlow can help

At Moore Barlow, we understand that brain injury compensation claims are complex cases that need expert legal aid. Although it is not impossible to handle a brain injury compensation claim without a solicitor, it is not advisable. A solicitor specialising in brain injuries has the experience, knowledge, and resources to deal with a case from beginning to end, ensuring that the compensation amount is adequate and covers all the related costs of the injury.

Moreover, the specialist solicitor will act on your behalf, making everything much easier and allowing the injured party to focus on their rehabilitation without the stress or worry that comes with the claim process. Brain injury victims don’t have to face this alone. A dedicated solicitor will ensure that the legal side of things is handled professionally, giving the injured party the best chance of receiving the compensation they’re rightfully entitled to.

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