£9,000 settlement for transgender woman

A transgender woman who claimed she was rejected for a job as a temporary sales assistant with
Debenhams has received a £9k settlement.

Ava Moore was invited for interview which was said to have gone very well. She was thought to have all the skills and experience needed for the job as well as being able to work the hours that the
store needed. However, a few days after being informed she’d been unsuccessful, she received an anonymous email alleging the reason she hadn’t been given the job was because she was transgender.

During the interview Moore disclosed her birth certificate and therefore her gender history. She claimed that when those interviewing her realised that she was transgender, there was a
“change of atmosphere” in the room.

Moore’s application was supported by the Equality Commission who said the “issues were simple”, their chief commissioner stating that “a job should go to the person who does best at interview and selection tests.” Debenhams settled the case without admitting liability.


This case highlights the importance of ensuring your company has an open and inclusive recruitment process to ensure unlawful discrimination does not occur. Training and guidance should be given
to the individuals involved in the recruitment process to ensure they are aware of what should be considered during an interview. Not only will this help to avoid discrimination claims, but it will ensure that the best candidate is hired for the job.