U-Triumph podcast – Episode Four – Fraser James

The U-Triumph Podcast, created and hosted by Senior Partner Trevor Sterling, has launched! The U-Triumph Podcast will share success stories that will encourage people, especially those from diverse backgrounds, not just to aspire to climb the ladder but to become the ladder.

Ever wondered what it’s like to share a scene with Arnold Schwarzenegger? In this episode Moore Barlow Senior partner, Trevor Sterling, sat down with Actor and Executive Creative Director Fraser James who shares his insights and experiences into the hard work and dedication it takes to make it in the competitive field of acting both on screen and stage.

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About this episode

Fraser’s acting career is nothing short of impressive – we’re talking Terminator: Dark Fate, sharing scenes with legends like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Mila Jovovich, and even gracing the stage of Shakespeare’s Globe.

But this episode goes beyond the glitz and glamour, he delivers fantastic training tips, the importance of cultivating a rock-solid mindset, and a truly inspiring story connected to his most treasured stage performance.

Plus, Fraser’s passion for promoting diversity in storytelling through projects like UnderExposed (which Trevor was honoured to be a part of!) is truly commendable. It was fantastic to hear his unique perspective and dedication to empowering others.

Whether you’re an aspiring actor, a dreamer chasing your goals, or simply someone who enjoys a good conversation, be sure to take a listen to the most recent U-Triumph Podcast episode, featuring Fraser.

Listen to the U-Triumph podcast the way you want