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Power of attorney risks

There’s been much coverage recently following a warning from retired senior judge, Denzil Lush, over power of attorney risks.

Lush urged people to be more aware of the risks, saying he himself wouldn’t sign one. Understandably, this has caused much concern.

Like the majority of legal documents, lasting powers of attorney can work very well, not least as the mental capacity act does build in a lot of safeguards meaning in the majority of cases there is nothing to worry about.

We pride ourselves on protecting clients, especially the elderly, against any form of abuse. We’re proud that Partner Fiona Heald, who works in the Court of Protection, is currently nominated for a Solicitor of the Year award for doing just this.

So please be assured that if you have taken out a power of attorney through us, we are confident you are well protected and in the best of hands. However, if you have any concerns please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’d be happy to discuss these through with you.