Moore Blatch calls for drivers to ‘Think Bike’

Matthew Claxson, Partner at Moore Blatch, has called for drivers to ‘Think Bike’ and be alert to vulnerable road users, including motorbikes.

Matthew represents Mrs Samantha Dixon, wife of PC James Dixon, who was killed in a collision with a vehicle in December 2017.

Following the conclusion of the case at Reading Crown Court, Matthew said:

“This avoidable collision is a tragedy in which three families have been affected, including that of PC James Dixon and Gladys Goodwin.

“It shows the terrible results that can follow when drivers fail to check for vulnerable road users, including motorcyclists, before they make a turn.

“We should all use today as a salutary reminder to “Think Bike”, be alert for motorbikes and look twice before starting a manoeuvre. The road is a shared space and we must look out for each other.

“Sadly, road traffic collisions involving motorcyclist victims are far too common, and at Moore Blatch we continue to campaign for improved road safety protections.”

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