Resolving child arrangements for separated parents

With the children back at school, parents can breathe a sigh of relief that some semblance of calm has perhaps returned. However, this is not necessarily the case for all families. It is not unusual for the team to be contacted by separated parents following the longer school holidays for assistance with how to agree and formalise child arrangements.

Children matters should be resolved outside of court if possible. Not only are the courts overstretched, which can mean delays in having matters resolved, it is the parents who should be making decisions about the arrangements for their children, rather than having these decisions imposed by a judge who does not even know their child.

Parents may wish to consider non-court dispute resolution. Our family mediators are able to see both parents without there being a conflict of interest. They are family lawyers who have chosen to undergo specific dispute resolution training. One of our mediators has also undergone child-inclusive mediation training which means that she is qualified to speak directly with a child.

Moore Barlow is also very fortunate to have one of the few parenting co-ordinators in this country. If parents have a child arrangements order or parenting agreement which is perhaps starting to break down, they can agree to appoint a neutral, non-biased parenting co-ordinator to assist and support them to communicate, focus on the best interests of the children and help them manage the practical day to day arrangements for their children. 

There will always be instances where an application to court is unfortunately the only option. At Moore Barlow we have a specialist team who are passionate about their role in helping parents achieve the best outcome for their children, as well as the children being able to maintain a good relationship with each parent. This not only relates to parental disputes in this country but international cases too.

The experienced Family team at Moore Barlow will always be very happy to discuss any concerns you may have, not only relating to children, but other family issues.

First published in Surrey and Berkshire Life – 01 September 2023

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