Moore Barlow Senior Partner ranked as number one LinkedIn leader

Moore Barlow’s senior partner, Trevor Sterling, who made history as the first black senior partner of a top-100 law firm, is now leading the way on LinkedIn after being ranked as the top LinkedIn leader among the top 100 law firms.

The report also found that Moore Barlow came out on top on the leadership team scoreboard with more leaders from Moore Barlow interacting on LinkedIn, compared to larger firms Irwin Mitchell and Ashurst, who took second and third place.

The LinkedInfluencers report by TBD Marketing, leading legal marketing agency, analysed the data of all Managing and Senior Partners across all top 100 firms to identify the best-performing individuals. The score is calculated by summarising total likes + (4*total comments), and TBD adds the power scores for posts for each person to create two scores: total power score and average power score per post. The qualifying period for this report is 1 January to 31 March.

Trevor uses LinkedIn to share updates on his client work, namely the Wimbledon School crash incident, where he is representing 20 families affected, including the two families whose eight-year-old daughters died. He also uses it to celebrate his work with the Mary Seacole Trust, where he is chair, and his podcast U-Triumph, where he has interviewed leaders such as Shaun Wallace, Martin Griffiths CBE, and Pauline Campbell. 

LinkedIn is a valuable tool for all leaders, and I’m very pleased to be ranked number one among this group of brilliant law firm leaders. Visibility is important, I believe people believe they can be what they can see,  I want to inspire others from diverse backgrounds to take to LinkedIn and celebrate their achievements; it’s a brilliant way to network and to get your voice heard.

Trevor Sterling

Trevor is a true leader in so many ways, and it’s great to see that this report recognises his dedication to celebrating his colleagues, client work, and family life on LinkedIn. Well done, Trevor.

Ed Whittington, Moore Barlow Managing Partner

Trevor’s an iconoclast and a polymath. He cares deeply about his family, his colleagues, his clients and their role in contributing to society more broadly and he posts about all those topics and more. That kind of open leadership appeals to people which is why his posts do so well. Congrats, Trevor on your ranking and for continuing to be the ladder.

Simon Marshall, founder of TBD Marketing