Navigating through the complexities of financial remedy proceedings can be daunting. At Moore Barlow, we strive to simplify the process, ensuring that our clients receive fair financial settlements. This comprehensive guide delves into what financial remedy proceedings entail, their importance, and how our expert team can support you.

What are financial remedy proceedings?

Financial remedy proceedings are a court process aimed at resolving financial disputes following the breakdown of a marriage or civil partnership. This encompasses a wide range of financial aspects, including the division of assets such as property, investments, and pensions, as well as determining spousal maintenance and other ongoing financial support.

The objective of these proceedings is to reach a settlement that is equitable to both parties, considering their future needs. At Moore Barlow, our experienced solicitors work diligently to ensure that financial settlements reflect the unique circumstances of each case, prioritising fairness and long-term security.

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Helping you through a divorce or separation

Our legal team provides expert advice and representation for divorce finances and financial settlements, helping clients navigate complex financial issues and achieve fair and equitable outcomes.

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The process of financial remedy proceedings

Navigating financial remedy proceedings during a divorce involves several crucial steps. Each phase is designed to ensure that all financial aspects are thoroughly evaluated and fairly resolved. This guide provides an overview of what to expect during these proceedings, from the initial assessment through to the final settlement.


Before court proceedings are issued, we always encourage parties to try and engage in mediation, where appropriate to try and reach agreement or at the very least, narrow the issues in dispute.

During mediation an impartial third-party mediator assists the parties in discussing and resolving their financial disputes. The goal is to reach a mutually agreeable resolution without the need for court intervention. Mediation not only potentially reduces legal costs but also often results in solutions that are more tailored to the specific needs of both parties.

Financial Disclosure

Regardless of the route taken to reach an agreement, there is the process of financial disclosure that is required. This step is critical as it involves gathering a comprehensive inventory of all assets, liabilities, income, and potential future earnings. Assets to be considered might include property, bank accounts, investments, and pensions, while liabilities could encompass debts and other financial obligations.

The purpose of this financial disclosure is to establish a clear and complete picture of each party’s financial status. Accurate and full disclosure is essential for fair negotiations and to form the basis for any financial agreements are reached.

Court proceedings

If negotiations or mediation fail to achieve a resolution, the case may escalate to court proceedings. This step is more formal and involves presenting the case before a judge. Court proceedings can be necessary when there are significant disagreements or complexities that cannot be resolved through mediation or negotiations between the parties.

The court will review the financial disclosures, hear from both parties’ legal representation as to their respective position, and examine evidence from both parties. The aim is to ensure a fair distribution of assets and liabilities in accordance with the law. This stage may involve multiple hearings and can extend the duration of the financial remedy process. Once an agreement has been reached, this will be drafted into a consent order.

Final settlement

The outcome of the financial remedy proceedings is set out in a financial order. This order is legally binding and sets out the terms of the financial settlement between the parties. It covers how assets and debts are to be divided, arrangements for maintenance payments if applicable, and any other financial provisions that have been agreed upon or determined by the court.

This final order is crucial as it formalises the financial separation of the parties, providing both parties with clarity and legal closure to their financial relationship.

The process of financial remedy proceedings can be complex and emotionally challenging. Understanding each stage and preparing adequately can help in managing expectations and achieving a resolution that is fair and satisfactory to all involved parties.

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The importance of expert legal guidance

The outcome of financial remedy proceedings can significantly impact your financial stability and quality of life post-divorce. Therefore, having expert legal guidance is crucial. Our team at Moore Barlow is adept at navigating the intricacies of financial remedy proceedings, ensuring that your rights are protected, and your voice is heard.

Our solicitors not only provide legal representation but also offer empathetic support throughout the process. We understand the emotional strain that financial disputes can bring, and we are committed to handling your case with sensitivity and discretion.

Why choose Moore Barlow?

  • Expertise: At Moore Barlow, our solicitors specialise in all aspects of family law, including complex financial remedy cases.
  • Personalised service: We believe in a personalised approach. Every client’s situation is unique, and we tailor our services to meet your specific needs and circumstances.
  • Client-centred approach: Our client-centred approach means we listen to you and understand your priorities. We ensure that you are fully informed and involved in every decision related to your case.
  • Integrated resources: As part of a well-established law firm, we have access to a wide range of resources and expertise, ensuring that we can handle even the most complex financial remedy proceedings.

Financial remedy proceedings require careful handling and expert legal knowledge. At Moore Barlow, we are dedicated to providing high-quality legal services that meet the needs of our clients. We understand the challenges you face and are here to help you navigate every step of the process with confidence and peace of mind.

If you are facing a divorce and need advice on financial remedy proceedings, contact us today to learn how we can support you in achieving a fair and equitable financial resolution. Our expert team is ready to assist you with dedication and expertise, ensuring the best possible outcome for your financial future.

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Helping you through a divorce or separation

Our legal team provides expert advice and representation for divorce finances and financial settlements, helping clients navigate complex financial issues and achieve fair and equitable outcomes.

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