Webinar: New corporate insolvency rules – What are the risks and opportunities?

The UK Government has recently introduced new legislation to help directors and businesses deal with threats from creditors in these difficult times.

Some provisions relate to dealing with the Covid-19 crisis specifically, but other changes are permanent, changing the law in far-reaching ways which include: new powers to directors to impose a moratorium on their company’s debts, and preventing the suppliers of goods and services from terminating contracts for a defined insolvency event.

Accordingly, these new provisions will have a profound effect on directors, businesses, and the relationship between suppliers of goods and services and their customers who may be in financial difficulty. Our webinar explains how the new rules will work and how best to use them or mitigate their effects, depending on whether you are a supplier of goods or services, or a customer receiving them.


If you missed our webinar, watch the recording here

Date: Thursday 17 September 2020


  • New rights for company directors to impose moratoriums
  • Practical tips for directors on how to benefit from the new rules
  • The new prohibition on terminating supply contracts in insolvency situations
  • Practical tips for customers and suppliers on how to use the new rules
  • Q&A

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