Webinar: Business contracts: how can you ensure that they deliver?

Make business contracts work for you – an essential ingredient to ensure the smooth running and protection of your business.

Aimed at directors, business owners, contract managers and in-house lawyers, this webinar is packed with practical do’s and don’ts, so you can ensure that your business contracts deliver what is intended; helping you to avoid uncertainty, pitfalls, and expense.

In this webinar we:

  • Explore forming a new contract; pitfalls and risks of unwittingly agreeing to legal commitments
  • Explain how to work without a contract in place
  • Cover how to limit legal liability by including key commercial terms
  • Share our experience on ending a relationship – how do you end a contract safely without risking a legal claim?

Watch this webinar on-demand:

Here’s what we cover and when:  

  • Contract formation (01:30)
  • Battle of the forms (09:45)
  • Practical tips (16:10)
  • Working without a contract (21:30)
  • Key contract terms (25:07)
  • Interpretation of contracts (36:22)
  • Getting out of onerous contracts (43:40)
  • Termination (47:20)
  • Warnings & top tips (58:13)
  • Q&A received from live audience (1:02:10)

Meet the speakers:

John Warchus

Partner | Commercial


Ben Millward

Associate | Commercial dispute resolution