Six figure sum for worker crushed by truck

Moore Blatch Solicitors helped a man from Romford to claim a six figure sum in work accident compensation after his head was crushed between a lorry trailer and a wall, whilst at work.

The client had been unloading the trailer when the driver of the lorry reversed, causing significant head injuries including skull base fractures, bilateral 6th nerve damage, intracranial bleeding and an extradural haematoma with a middling sift of the brain.

Unbeatable medical expertise

Lead partner Damian Horan acted on behalf of the client during proceedings and called upon the expertise of several leading medical professionals.

The experts involved included Professor T Wright (ENT Surgeon), Dr R Greenwood (Neurologist), Professor D Spalton (Ophthalmic Surgeon), Dr G Levitt (Consultant Clinical Psychologist), and Professor M Ron (Neuropsychiatrist).

Personal injury compensation claims

Key to the success of the work accident compensation claim was establishing the fault of the other party.

Before the incident, on 23 March 2013, the client had noticed that the delivery truck was not properly parked in its bay. After asking the driver to move the lorry into the correct position, the client waited to unload it. Unfortunately, he was unaware that the lorry was stuck in a pot hole. When it exited the pothole, it over shot the bay; crushing the client’s head against a wall.

He was rushed to hospital where he underwent a potentially fatal procedure to remove a blood clot from his brain. Fortunately, he survived and further surgery has followed. In the immediate aftermath of the incident, he could not carry out a number of functions and activities which most of us take for granted.

He said: “After the accident I couldn’t eat, speak or walk, it was terrifying. Since the initial operation I have undergone surgeries on my nerves and ear.

“I also suffer from severe migraines, which doctors expect will continue for the rest of my life.”

Devastating effects

The incident was also devastating for the Romford client’s loved ones, particularly his mother who feared that he would not survive.

She said: “After the operation was completed, I went home and broke down , I was so relieved that he had got through it.

“The brain injury has really changed him as a person, he struggles with headaches, depression and mood swings , which I am told will continue for some time to come.”

While his employer pleaded guilty to breaching Section 2(1) of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, and paid significant fines, it was up to Damian Horan and the team at Moore Blatch to win compensation for the client.

He achieved a six figure settlement sum, which Mr Horan explains was a justified result. He said: “This accident should never have happened. Simon will have to spend the rest of his life managing the long term health effects of his accident, especially the brain injury.

“He has already endured several operations and will need physical therapy for some time to come , it’s important that he was appropriately compensated so that he could obtain the professional support he needs.”