Significant Facial Injuries as a result of a road traffic collision

Our client sustained serious facial injuries from approximately 60 fragments of glass in a serious road traffic collision.

The emergency services were called and our client was taken by ambulance to A&E where she was advised by doctors that she had sustained nerve damage to part of her face and associated facial weakness above her eye. She had been extremely fortunate that her eyesight was not affected as a result of this accident despite initial fears. She also sustained concussion as a result of this accident which affected her memory and concentration. This had a negative impact on her studies and her hopes to go on to higher education.

Our client, in her very early 20s, felt very self-conscious about her appearance and how others reacted to her injuries. She suffered significant psychological injures as a result so we obtained private psychological treatment for her at a crucial stage funded by the Defendant which she found to be very beneficial and she learnt some important coping mechanisms.

A claim was brought against the other driver and after lengthy negotiations, liability was admitted and we were able to negotiate a very good settlement for our client. Her compensation included a sum for the unnecessary pain and suffering she endured as a result. She was also compensated for the funds she had spent on private medical treatment, as well as the gratuitous care that had been provided by friends and family.

She also received funds to allow her to purchase skin camouflage products, skin treatments and allow for future plastic surgery. These were identified as options to improve the appearance of her injuries and were recommended by the medical experts who were instructed as part of her claim.  

 I chose Moore Barlow because they were highly recommended by my Uncle, who is a Barrister, and I have been very happy with how they have handled my case. I have been given honest and impartial advice at every stage, all my questions have been answered in a clear and helpful way, and all the medical professionals that they have selected for me to see have been very thorough, but kind, and produced detailed and helpful reports.

My hope was to gain compensation for my injuries, and damages that would cover the cost of all the future surgery that I will need as a result of my injuries. Moore Barlow have achieved this for me, and I am most grateful that I can now move forwards with my life knowing that I have the funds available for future treatments as necessary, and a bit extra with which to fund something meaningful for me by way of compensation for the physical and mental injuries I sustained as a result of the crash.

I would like to thank you for all your kind help and support, your advice and patience, and for really listening to me throughout the last three years. I have been grateful to have you on, and at, my side.

The client

It has been a pleasure to act for the Claimant and to assist her throughout the litigation process. I am delighted that she is pleased with the settlement achieved and that she is able to move forwards with this security for her future.

Hannah Nelmes, Chartered Legal Executive, Personal Injury