£275,000 for client with a foot injury

A client who sustained a serious foot injury when the tricycle that he was on was hit by another car has received a settlement of £275,000.

The client was injured in a road traffic accident in the Spring of 2004. His foot was seriously injured when a vehicle merged from a side road and collided with the tricycle that he was riding on. He was subsequently taken to hospital and the wound was debrided but such was the seriousness of the injury, that it failed to heal properly and led to the wound persistently breaking down.

The client had previously been employed by an engineering company and has been unable to work since the accident due to his inability to wear safety boots as part of his job. This in turn had led to him becoming quite depressed and this had hampered his recovery.

In addition, at the time of the accident he had been planning to undertake some renovations personally to his house which he was no longer able to do due to his injury. He therefore claimed the full commercial cost of the renovations being undertaken.