Is it true that divorces peak in September?

This September poses new challenges for separating couples. We as family lawyers often experience a busy period in September. Sadly, this is the time when, following the summer break, couples facing difficulties within their marriage feel that this is a time to have a new start and to consider their options. This year is also unique as another particular issue is with regard to children being required to return to school. This has caused anxiety to some parents with their differing views on the Covid-19 pandemic and what is best for their children as they start back at school. The pandemic has also led to a rise in divorce where couples have self-isolated together.

There have in many cases been a change in routine during lockdown where child arrangement orders have needed to be varied or separated couples have grappled with differing arrangements to ensure the safety of their children, while working from home and home schooling. 

Are you struggling to adjust to the “new normal” in your marriage/relationship?

If you have now come up for air after a very testing year so far and feel that you can now tackle the breakdown in your marriage/relationship, or you are not sure if it is the end of the road but want to explore the legal implications of separating. We are here to help struggling couples grappling with this decision potentially to bring their marriage or relationship to an end.

What if we don’t agree how to parent our children in the “new normal”?

If you and your ex-spouse/partner are disagreeing over how to follow the government guidelines regarding children returning to school and all the various challenges that this brings to ensure the safety of the children, alongside the need for their continued education, we can help. At Moore Barlow, we have mediators who can help couples discuss matters with a neutral third party, and we have lawyers who can advise on your legal position. We are able to meet our clients and to carry out mediations using virtual means.

For further information, please contact the Moore Barlow family law team.