Farming and land transactions during a recession

With the phasing out of BPS subsidies and the added pressure of a dip in the economy in 2023, we are expecting the bottom 25% quartile of the English and Welsh farming market to leave the sector.  Either through planned retirement or leaving the sector entirely.  Surrendering tenancies or indeed selling their land and buildings.  

It is further expected that the top 25% quartile of our rural sector (the large-scale commercial farming estates) will be ready and able to buy the land, or will they face fierce competition from international buyers swooping in to purchase?!  

We are here and able to help either side of a transaction, whether it be supporting a seller with their decision to leave the family farm or advising the buyer on the opportunity such sales will present to their business and future visions for farming.  Have read of previous articles the team has written on buying and selling farmland, to understand areas that should be considered.

How Moore Barlow can help

We offer expert advice in a wide variety of areas of rural life, including supporting private landowners in their property transactions, renewable energy projects and access to a range of national and local schemes. Get in touch with our rural law team to discuss.