NHS Resolution annual report and accounts summary

This summary outlines the new indemnity schemes and clinical negligence cases handled by NHS Resolution. It includes the new measures undertaken in response to the coronavirus pandemic. The full report can be viewed here: NHS Resolution annual report and accounts 2019/20 which details the performance and future plans of the NHS. New indemnity schemes 2019/2020 […]

The Cumberlege report: informed consent revisited

Last week saw the publication of “First Do No Harm”, a review led by former junior health Minister Baroness Julia Cumberlege, which explains the way our healthcare system responded to reports of harmful side effects from: hormone pregnancy tests the drug sodium valproate given during pregnancy and pelvic mesh implants. The review suggests a number […]

World Hypertension Day

In anticipation of World Hypertension Day, it is important to raise awareness about blood pressure monitoring and health benefits. High blood pressure is something some of us unknowingly live with. It is something that can go unnoticed as there are usually no symptoms. So, getting one’s blood pressure checked regularly is important. This may be […]

Deborah Powlesland

Clinical negligence Surgical errors I work on a wide range of clinical negligence cases including claims against NHS and private hospitals, GPs, pharmacists and opticians. These include delayed diagnosis and referral, inappropriate treatment and surgical errors in many areas of medicine including orthopaedics, cardiology, emergency medicine and cancer. I have a particular interest in gynaecology […]

Natalie Hirst

Orthopaedic cases Neurological injuries I specialise in clinical negligence, helping individuals who have suffered complex orthopaedic or neurological injuries because a medical practitioner has breached their duty of care, for example, where there has been a delayed diagnosis, misdiagnosis, inappropriate treatment or surgical errors. I also handle claims involving failure to diagnose/late diagnosis of cancer, […]

Victoria Jones

Misdiagnosis Surgical errors Neurological injuries Spinal injuries I am a Senior Associate Solicitor in the clinical negligence department and have a wide range of experience covering areas such as misdiagnosis/failure to diagnose and surgical errors. I have particular expertise in neurological and spinal injuries and have settled claims worth several millions of pounds. I work […]

Rheannie Madden

Accident claims I am a paralegal in the clinical negligence team based in Guildford. I have experience working with personal injury claims including cases arising from serious road traffic accidents and accidents at work. I currently work within the clinical negligence team and assist Deborah Powlesland with her cases which include claims involving brain injury […]

Caroline Flashman

Clinical negligence Personal injury Court of Protection I specialise in personal injury and clinical negligence claims for clients who have suffered catastrophic injuries in the following areas; brain damage (including cerebral palsy,) ophthalmic, spinal and amputation cases. I also act as Court of Protection Deputy for clients who have lost capacity to deal with their […]

Helen Goatley

Brain injury Court of Protection As chairman at Moore Barlow, I split my time between helping to formulate the strategy and direction of the business of the firm as a whole and my own client practice. My specialist area is representing people with an acquired brain injury in civil litigation claims. I am also a […]

Sue Clark

Court of Protection Personal injury Clincial negligence As an Associate in the Court of Protection team, my role is to support vulnerable clients and their families to manage their money and day-to-day lives. This may be through a Deputyship or Lasting Power of Attorney. I pride myself on the relationships I build with my clients. […]

Information and support for your claim

Why should I choose Moore Barlow to represent me? Why? Because we believe the most important person in a legal team isn’t the lawyer, it’s you. So we give you more than other law firms. More expertise. More depth. More clarity. Our job is to listen and understand, and then use our expertise to find […]

Sepsis negligence claims

Sepsis negligence claims If sepsis isn’t diagnosed and treated quickly, the consequences can be severe If you have experienced delayed treatment or diagnosis, then you may be able to claim compensation Sepsis is an extremely dangerous, life-threatening condition that occurs when the body causes injury to its organs and tissues when responding to an infection. […]

Surgical errors

Surgical negligence All surgery carries some degree of risk and the risks associate with any particular planned procedure should be discussed with patients before surgery is undertaken. Whilst some complications of surgery may not be due to negligence, sometimes complications arises which could be avoided with appropriate management and or surgical technique. Risk-free surgery does […]


Urology clinical negligence claims We have wide ranging experience in dealing with all types of urology claims. If you have suffered due to clinical negligence, we can help you rebuild your life. Urology refers to medical complaints involving the kidneys, ureters, urinary bladder, urethra and the reproductive organs. Errors in treatment may result in adverse […]


Diabetes clinical negligence claims Mistakes in diagnosing or treating diabetes can result in wide ranging complications. We can help you to secure compensation for negligent care or misdiagnosis related to diabetes. What is diabetes? Diabetes is a well-known condition that many people die of every year worldwide as it can sometimes be difficult to detect […]


Opthalmology clinical negligence claims Medical errors related to opthalomology treatment can be broad ranging. Links with established experts helps us secure excellent outcomes on your behalf. Compensation payments can help you re-build your life. What is ophthalmology? Ophthalmology is the branch of medicine dedicated to the anatomy, function and diseases of the eye. If you […]

Anaesthetic claims

Anaesthetic claims Very occasionally, mistakes can occur when having an anaesthetic. If you have suffered complications due to an anaesthetic error, you may be able to claim compensation. Many people are nervous of undergoing anaesthesia. Most people experience no problems at all. Sadly, there are instances where mistakes are made which result in complications and […]

Fatal claims

When clinical negligence results in death No amount of money can compensate for the death of a loved one. But if your loved one’s death was as a result of clinical negligence, compensation can provide essential support for the deceased’s dependants, helping ease any financial burdens When you lose a loved one, compensation can be […]

GP negligence claims

GP negligence claims GPs manage day-to-day problems. They do not specialise in any one particular area of medicine but rather offer routine healthcare and asses a variety of different conditions including illnesses and injuries. Since a family doctor is required to have some understanding of a broad range of physical and psychological conditions, their job […]

Never Events

Compensation for medical events that never should have occurred Occasionally, serious and wholly preventable medical mistakes do happen. Our specialist clinical negligence solicitors have successfully recovered compensation for many such events, representing clients across the UK. NHS England acknowledge that there are certain serious incidents that are wholly preventable. There is guidance available which should […]

Accident and emergency claims

Accident and emergency claims Although the majority of care and treatment in A&E is of excellent quality, occasionally it is not. Enormous pressure on the NHS means that on the rare occasions treatment is below the required standard and health complications can arise. If you think you may received sub-standard care, it is important to […]


Cancer misdiagnosis When cancer is misdiagnosed, or there is a delay in diagnosis, the effects can be serious. Whether your cancer was diagnosed too late, or if you were diagnosed with cancer when cancer wasn’t present, we can help assess whether you can bring a claim. Cancer is a well-known disease, claiming many lives every […]


Compensation claims for negligent cardiology treatment There are a growing number of instances of clinical negligence related to cardiology. When mistakes do occur, the consequences can be severe. We regularly see clients affected by negligent treatment, and successfully help them secure the compensation they deserve and require. What is cardiology? Cardiology is the branch of […]

Ear nose and throat (ENT) claims

Ear, nose and throat (ENT) clinical negligence claims Substandard care and treatment does occasionally occur when treating ENT conditions. We offer wide ranging support for individuals who may have suffered clinical negligence. Ear, nose or throat (ENT) surgeons (also known as Otorhinolaryngologists) are surgical specialists who diagnose and treat a wide range of diseases and […]


Gastroenterology claims Occasionally, disorders and diseases of the digestive system can be worsened or even caused as a result of negligence. We can advise whether problems are likely to have been caused by negligence and whether a claim for compensation can be considered. Gastroenterology related diseases and disorders cover medical problems associated with the entire […]

Gynaecological injury claims

Gynaecological injury claims Very occasionally, clinical negligence can occur due to negligent treatment, failed treatment or missed or late diagnosis related to gynaecological problems. If you think you have suffered due to clinical negligence, you should contact a solicitor as soon as possible. A gynaecologist deals exclusively with womens’ medical problems, diagnosing and treating conditions […]

Haemochromatosis compensation claims

Complications due to late diagnosis of genetic haemochromatosis Genetic haemochromatosis (GH) is an inherited condition where the body absorbs too much iron. As early diagnosis is difficult, many people are diagnosed later than they should be, leading to significant and lasting consequences. Compensation can help people who have suffered damage due to late diagnosis start […]


Clinical negligence claims related to HIV and AIDS Early detection of HIV and AIDS can sometimes be difficult. Late diagnosis can impact how effective your treatment is. Some individuals contract HIV/AIDS as a result of medical treatment. Occasionally, people are diagnosed with HIV or AIDS when they do not have this condition. If you have […]

Infectious diseases

Infectious diseases compensation claims If not diagnosed and treated quickly, the effects of infectious diseases can be extremely serious. If you have suffered due to clinical negligence, you should contact a solicitor as soon as possible. Infectious diseases can affect any of us at any time and can have severe consequences if not diagnosed and […]


Support at an Inquest into the death of a family member Having an experienced lawyer at an inquest into a loved ones’ death can help ensure you receive answers to any questions you have about treatment provided prior to death. Losing a loved one and having to go through the events leading up to your […]

Neurological treatment

Neurological disorders and clinical negligence Clinical negligence claims related to neurological disorders can be due to both acts or omissions. When something goes wrong, the effects can be debilitating, with individuals often requiring support for the rest of their lives. We can help you secure the compensation you deserve, and help you receive the support […]


Orthopaedic injuries and clinical negligence claims Unfortunately, orthopaedic injuries linked to clinical negligence are relatively common. We have vast experience in dealing with these claims. What is orthopaedic surgery? Orthopaedic surgery or orthopaedics is the branch of surgery concerned with conditions involving the musculoskeletal system such as the bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles and nerves. […]

Prescription errors

Securing compensation when there has been a prescription error The range of prescription errors that can and do occur are huge The effects when a mistake is made can be devastating If you think you have suffered as a result of clinical negligence, it is important to contact a solicitor as soon as possible Every […]

Pressure sores

Pressure sores as a result of clinical negligence As pressure sores are preventable, you shouldn’t have to suffer from them unnecessarily. When left untreated, they can result in disability. If you think you may have suffered from clinical negligence, it is important to contact a solicitor as quickly as possible. Pressure sores can be very […]

Maternal injury claims

Maternal injury claims Sometimes giving birth can lead to a mother suffering an injury, such as a major perineal tear or an emergency hysterectomy. Such injuries can have a life-long impact, affecting continence (both urinary and faecal) or the ability to have further children. Sometimes maternal injuries are unavoidable, but we can advise whether a […]

Brachial plexus injuries

Brachial plexus and Erb’s Palsy claims Brachial plexus injuries can be caused by shoulder dystocia during a difficult birth. Sometimes Brachial Plexus and Erbs Palsy can be a result of clinical negligence. If you think your child may have suffered an injury as a result of negligence, we can provide specialist legal support and advice […]

Cerebral palsy claims

Cerebral palsy claims Unfortunately, cerebral palsy can sometimes be as a result of a lack of appropriate skill or care in labour or delivery. Caring for a child with cerebral palsy can be challenging not only physically but also emotionally and financially. A successful compensation claim will ensure that your child has the care and […]

Neonatal care

Clinical negligence during the neonatal period If your child has suffered an injury as a result of medical care and treatment after birth and you think this may have been caused by the negligence of your healthcare provider, you may be able to claim for compensation. If you are eligible, we will recover the best […]

Shoulder dystocia

Shoulder dystocia as a result of clinical negligence Sometimes shoulder dystocia (which occurs during labour) can be as a result of clinical negligence. If you think this injury could have been avoided if you had received better or alternative treatment, you could be eligible for compensation. What is Shoulder dystocia? Shoulder dystocia is a complication […]

Encephalitis cases

Encephalitis cases and clinical negligence claims The sooner treatment for Encephalitis is started, the more successful it is likely to be. Moore Barlow have dealt with more encephalitis cases than any other firm of solicitors. Our experienced solicitors have a real knowledge and understanding of the difficulties relating to encephalitis cases and are specialists in […]

Meningitis cases

Meningitis clinical negligence claims A delay in diagnosing meningitis can result in a lost window of opportunity to effectively treat it. We have considerable experience in investigating and successfully pursuing claims where there has been a delay in diagnosis. Meningitis is a very serious infectious disease which can lead to brain damage and lifelong disability […]

Stroke misdiagnosis claims

Delayed diagnosis or treatment of stroke The consequences of delayed diagnosis or treatment for a stroke can be serious with potential life-long implications and care needs. Every year 150,000 people in the UK have a stroke. That is one person every five minutes. Strokes are the most common cause of death in the UK. Strokes […]

Cauda Equina

Clinical negligence in diagnosis and treatment of Cauda Equina syndrome Cauda Equina is a medical emergency which requires the condition to be diagnosed and treated generally within 48 hours to relieve the pressure on the nerves. Delays in diagnosing or treating Cauda Equina can lead to permanent or irreversible damage. As the effects on individuals […]

Amputation claims

Loss of a limb as a result of clinical negligence Loss of a limb is a life changing injury affecting all aspects of life. If you have required surgical amputation of a limb due to negligent medical treatment, we will help you obtain the compensation needed to rebuild your life and independence. Compensation will help […]

Birth injury claims

Birth and pregnancy related injuries If an error in medical treatment during pregnancy or birth has resulted in injury to yourself or your child, you may be eligible for compensation. Working alongside renowned medical experts we ensure the medical evidence used in your case is of the highest standard. Our specialist birth injury solicitors can […]

Brain injuries

Brain injury claims due to clinical negligence Clinical negligence claims commonly arise where there has been a delay in diagnosis and treatment or your illness has been mismanaged. Where there has been an error in treatment, our aim is to help you rebuild your life by obtaining compensation at the earliest possible stage. A brain […]

Medical misdiagnosis

Medical misdiagnosis claims The effects of medical misdiagnosis can be devastating. If you have suffered from a medical misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis, then you may be able to claim compensation. We regularly secure maximum compensation for those let down by their healthcare practitioner when receiving treatment for illness or injury in hospital. Medical misdiagnosis may […]

Other types of clinical negligence claims

Supporting you when the healthcare that you received was not as good as it should be Regardless of whether your healthcare is provided by a private organisation or the NHS, it must be of a reasonable standard. No healthcare provider ever wants to make mistakes, but when they do the impact can be severe and […]

Clinical negligence

Helping rebuild your life after a clinical negligence injury If you have been injured as a result of clinical negligence you may be entitled to claim compensation. Our team of experienced, clinical negligence solicitors will provide you with expert legal advice and guidance and also provide much needed practical and emotional support. We aim to […]

Bronwyn Rae-Le Bourn

I am a trainee solicitor. I primarily support other solicitors, working within a team for six months at a time. I gain valuable experience working within a range of different teams at Moore Barlow, supporting them in providing the high level of service that our clients have come to expect. Whether working directly with clients […]

Ruth Hewitt

Brain injuries, particularly cases involving strokes Delayed diagnosis of cancer claims including gynaecological cancers, sarcoma, blood cancers and renal cancer Surgical error Spinal injuries including delay in diagnosis and treatment of cauda equina syndrome Treatment of infection and sepsis I am a Associate Solicitor with a wealth of experience in clinical negligence claims, having specialised […]

Sarmad Gassoub

I am a senior solicitor specialising in helping clients with catastrophic injuries as a result of negligent medical care. My clients are typically patients that have suffered catastrophic injuries as a result of medical negligence, provided either through the NHS or in private practice.   I support clients through medical negligence claims, securing payments that […]

Gillian Wickham

I provide legal support to colleagues in the medical negligence department. Our clients are private individuals who have suffered injury as a result of substandard medical treatment or care. I act as an additional point of contact in the team, answering clients’ queries and providing support and a listening ear at what is a difficult […]

Mamadou Barry

I joined Moore Blatch in 2014 (now Moore Barlow, May 2020). During this time I have gained an insight in several different departments. Although each area can be very different, I am committed to delivering a high level of service to all clients. I assist with a range of immigration matters for both business and […]

Amie Ketteridge-Lowe

I am a graduate member of the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives and a member of the clinical negligence team based in our Richmond office. Our clients have suffered serious avoidable injury because efforts to treat them have gone wrong, so they and those who love them are often quite distressed when they come to us. […]

Mala Sidebottom

I am a Partner and qualified medical doctor, specialising in helping clients who have suffered illness and injury as a result of substandard medical care. The clients I work for are individuals who have experienced injury due to medical negligence. Many of the claims I handle have left the client with a permanent disability, or […]

Karen Ubhi

Catastrophic injuries Medical negligence I specialise in providing legal support to those who have experienced catastrophic failings at the hands of healthcare providers and medical practitioners. Our clients are individuals who have sustained life changing injuries through no fault of their own. I help them obtain compensation that enables them to resume as much of […]

Abi Fletcher

Delays in diagnosing cancer Complex orthopaedic and sports injuries, for example ACL reconstructions General surgery and surgical complications Birth injuries and cerebral palsy Delays in identifying sepsis I am an experienced senior solicitor in the medical negligence team, supporting clients with all forms of medical negligence claims, ensuring that they have the finance they require […]

Paul Kingsley

Obstetric claims – events at birth leading to a child’s brain injury Brain and neurological injury, including encephalitis Orthopaedic, spinal and cauda equina claims Cardiological, surgical and medical claims I am an experienced solicitor acting on behalf of claimants in medical negligence cases. I take a balanced view and have a tactically advantageous understanding of […]

Tim Spring

I am the former head of the clinical negligence team and now work as a consultant for the firm. I help clients navigate complex claims involving death and serious neurological or obstetric injury resulting from medical mismanagement. My clients include those who have suffered serious physical or emotional trauma arising from clinical negligence. Before returning […]

Vicky Hydon

I am a consultant in the firm’s medical negligence team, specialising in supporting clients who have complex, high-value claims due to negligence in medicine and surgery. I have a specialist interest in neo-natal deaths/injury, spinal cord injury, diabetic claims, orthopaedic claims and sight loss claims. I am experienced with acting for those who suffer serious […]

Denise Deakin

I am an experienced medical negligence specialist. I have extensive experience in settling a wide variety of medical negligence claims on behalf of clients, helping secure compensation for their injuries and providing for future medical and care needs. I support clients who have suffered brain injuries such as HSE encephalitis, septicaemia, loss of vision, hearing […]

Sarah Stanton

I have been qualified as a solicitor for more than 25 years and have specialised in Clinical Negligence and Personal Injury throughout that time. I now practise exclusively in the field of clinical negligence from our Richmond office. My clients are based throughout the country and I am happy to see clients at home, in […]

Maya Sushila

I am a partner in the firm’s medical negligence team, helping clients with complex claims resulting from substandard healthcare and medical practices. As a medical negligence specialist, my clients are those who have sustained orthopaedic, gynaecological, obstetric or brain injuries, often with life changing or catastrophic results. I also have a particular interest in handling […]

Brenda King

I am a legal secretary to the head of the medical negligence department, Tim Spring. I am a direct point of contact for clients when Tim is in meetings or with clients. Having been through a medical negligence claim myself, I appreciate what our clients are going through. It is important that clients know that […]

Anne Cassidy

I lead the Moore Barlow clinical negligence team. I worked as a Junior Hospital Doctor before I decided to study law and spent the first twelve years of my legal career advising the NHS on the fair management of clinical claims.  I am accredited by the Law Society as a clinical negligence specialist. I have […]

£1.5 million settlement for 59-year-old woman in her claim against an NHS organisation

Moore Blatch has successfully represented a 59-year-old woman in her claim against an NHS organisation. Our client attended an NHS Treatment Centre in order to have an incisional hernia repair under general anaesthetic. What was a seemingly routine operation transcended into something much more severe leading to our client suffering hypoxic brain damage. As a […]

Legal claim for blindness set to bring about real change in NHS service delivery

Following the Health Service Investigation Branch’s (HSIB) recent report on the failures relating to the timely monitoring of glaucoma, this article explains the role Moore Blatch played in highlighting this issue nationally. Moore Blatch received instructions from a mother of three who had lost her sight as a result of delays within the glaucoma monitoring […]

Report on glaucoma patient delays released following call from local law firm

A report on the ‘Lack of timely monitoring of patients with Glaucoma’ has been released by the Healthcare Safety Investigation Branch (HSIB), following local law firm Moore Blatch’s request for an investigation. Moore Blatch supported a client who lost their sight due to this issue and secured a ¬£3.2m settlement on 28th October 2019. The […]

Moore Blatch recognised in The Times Best Law Firms 2020

Moore Blatch has been recognised by The Times in its prestigious Best Law Firms 2020 list , with a commendation for the firm’s Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence teams. This recognition comes after leading industry publication The Lawyer also cited Moore Blatch as a top UK law firm.

Diabetic retinopathy

Diabetic retinopathy is a complication caused by diabetes. It occurs when your blood sugar levels areconsistently high, this then damages blood vessels in the eye. If this is not detected and treated it can lead to blindness. 

Moore Blatch secures £3.2 million compensation for mother of three

Moore Blatch has successfully represented a mother of three who was left almost completely blind after University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust delayed her appointments. Despite her deteriorating sight, the Trust failed to initiate a programme of follow-up and treatment and it was not until 18 months later that she was told her sight loss […]

Neuropathic pain following neck surgery

Moore Blatch have obtained £120,000 compensation for a client who developed neuropathic neck pain following surgery to remove a benign neck lipoma at Queen Alexandra Hospital, Portsmouth in June 2013. Mr K, then aged 53, alleged that he was not given full and proper advice about the risk of neuropathic pain being caused by surgery […]

Compensation settlement received for loss of vision

The Claimant pursued a claim for damages against a Hospital Trust for their failure to treat primary open-angle glaucoma as a result of which the Claimant had gone blind. The Claimant attended an ophthalmic clinic and was diagnosed with primary open angle glaucoma and was advised to attend an Eye Hospital for treatment. Although an […]

What is Glaucoma?

Glaucoma is a common eye condition in which the optic nerve becomes damaged. Earlydiagnosis and treatment are essential to prevent vision loss.

Giant cell arteritis (GCA)

The most serious complication of GCA is irreversible vision loss due to optic nerve ischaemia andtherefore early recognition and treatment are essential.

Compensation received for avoidable loss of vision

Mrs X pursued a claim for damages against a hospital Trust for their failures in ensuring her illness was appropriately and timely investigated and treated as a result of which she suffered complications which left her completely blind. Having been admitted to hospital with a history of a long-standing illness, weight loss and blood abnormalities, […]


Meningitis is a very serious infectious disease which can lead to brain damage and lifelong disability if it is not quickly diagnosed.

Woman succeeds in claim for unexpected death of her husband from sepsis

This case concerned the tragic and unexpected death of the Claimant’s husband, Mr M, who had presented to the emergency department with a high temperature and tachycardia. Although there was a differential diagnosis of sepsis, the illness was initially thought to be viral and a plan was made to administer steroids, as Mr M had […]

Know Your Numbers! Week 2019

All this week is Blood Pressure UK’s ‘Know Your Numbers! Week’ which is about raising awareness of the importance of blood pressure monitoring and health benefits. High blood pressure is something some of us unknowingly live with. It is something that can go unnoticed as there are usually no symptoms. So, getting your blood pressure […]

Open Sight Hampshire Petition for Mandatory Eye Tests for Children

You may have seen coverage on BBC South this week regarding Open Sight Hampshire’s petition to make it mandatory for all children to have an eye test before starting school.  Open Sight, Hampshire’s principal charity for the visually impaired, have explained the reasons for the petition as follows: “Shockingly, 12% of children in the UK […]

Tirina’s story

Take a moment to listen to Tirina’s story as a result of medical negligence in diagnosis and treatment of Cauda Equina syndrome.

It’s about time the government helped the NHS, not the insurance industry

If passed, the government’s proposals to extend the Fixed Recoverable Costs (FRC) fast track to cover most civil cases up to ¬£100,000 will enable insurance companies to save millions of pounds. In response, law firms will undoubtedly need to re-evaluate their caseloads and consider the most cost-effective ways to approach a claim, with the victim […]

A guide to orthopaedic negligence claims

What is the definition of an orthopaedic injury? Put simply, an orthopaedic injury is any deformity/disorder/disease of the skeleton (bones) or its connecting structures, such as muscles, joints, tendons or ligaments. What are the levels of orthopedic injury? There are varying levels of injury to your bones from very serious to minor: Fractures Spinal deformities  […]

Placing Encephalitis Treatment on the Clinical Radar

World Encephalitis Day is taking place this year on 22 February. Encephalitis is an inflammation of the brain that affects up to 6000 people in the UK every year. Tim Spring, Chair of the Trustees at the Encephalitis Society and Head of Health Care and Clinical Negligence at Moore Blatch, urges greater awareness of the […]

18 year old girl settles claim for failings by health visitor

FN, now 18, had right sided hearing loss which was missed in her 8-month hearing check.  The health visitor performed an infant distraction hearing test without assistance from a second health visitor and FN’s parents recall that, although FN did not respond properly to the test on one side the test was not repeated and […]

Moore Blatch calls for greater support for ophthalmology patients

National law firm Moore Blatch is calling for greater support for ophthalmology patients from across the Isle of Wight and the South East following a recognition by the Royal College of Ophthalmologists of the significant shortage of optometrist consultants in the UK.

£23m compensation awarded to 12-year-old

A 12-year-old girl, who was left with brain injuries – after her delivery was negligently managed at Royal Berkshire Hospital, Reading, in 2005 – has been awarded one of the largest ever clinical negligence settlements.

Jo’s story

Take a moment to listen to Jo’s story as a result of negligent knee surgery after she had a road traffic injury.

Genetic Haemochromatosis

Genetic Haemochromatosis (GH), also known as hereditary haemochromatosis, is an inherited condition in which a faulty gene causes the body to absorb too much iron from the diet.

Louis’ story

Hear Louis’ story following a delay in diagnosing and treating genetic haemochromatosis.

Sam’s story

Our client SP has recovered over £3,000,000 in compensation following a misdiagnosis of Cauda Equina syndrome in 2011.

1948-2018: Happy 70th Birthday NHS

The nation’s best loved institution. 70 years is a long time to endure at a time in this nation’s history of unprecedented and very rapid change. Conceived and introduced in the post-war era in recognition of sacrifices made, offering free health care to all.  The country it serves has changed so much in that time: […]

Clinical negligence

This factsheet explains what to do in the unlikely event something does go wrong; the background to bringing a clinical negligence claim, what bringing a claim involves, the procedure for bringing a claim, and what exactly can be claimed.

£1.3m interim award for brain injured child

An 11 year old girl who suffered a catastrophic brain injury as a result of negligence during her delivery has successfully obtained court approval of interim payments totalling in excess of £1.3m.

Elisabeth’s story

Take a moment to hear Elisabeth’s story and testimonial for Moore Blatch.

Moore Blatch celebrates record year in Legal 500 rankings

Moore Blatch, a top 100 law firm with offices in Southampton, Lymington, Richmond and the City of London, has been widely recognised in the UK’s leading guide to law firms, Legal 500, for 15 of its work areas and 40 of its solicitors.

Settlement following general surgery for a hernia resulting in injury

Mr C was referred to Hospital by his GP with a possible left inguinal hernia. He was seen in Outpatients by a Consultant General and Vascular Surgeon who diagnosed bilateral inguinal hernias and listed him for a laparoscopic (key hole surgery) bilateral inguinal hernia repair.

Kidney transplant failure to prevent rejection

In 2006 D received a donor kidney by way of transplant. Following surgery he was prescribed cyclosporine as an anti-rejection agent. Initially the transplant was successful and he achieved a degree of stable renal function.

£360,000 compensation due to GP’s negligent failure

Moore Blatch have obtained compensation of £360,000 for a family who lost their husband and father of four children due to his GP’s negligent failure to refer him on for investigation after he passed blood in his urine. Mr X subsequently died as a result of metastatic renal cancer.

Stillbirth , failure to scan and identify reduced intrauterine growth

The claimant discovered she was pregnant at around 28 weeks. She had her first scan around four weeks later, following which her pregnancy was estimated to be 30 +5 weeks gestation.  Four weeks after that, the claimant saw an obstetric registrar in the antenatal clinic, who noted that the fundal height, a measure of the size of […]

Failure to diagnose detached retina resulting in blindness

Mrs C was rendered blind as a result of negligent treatment by her optician. Mrs C started to experience visual problems in her right eye. She saw what appeared to be little black twigs floating in her field of vision.  She telephoned her usual opticians to report the problem and to arrange an eye examination. […]

Spinal surgery resulting in injury to a child

Spinal surgery was performed to correct Master B’s kyphoscoliosis of the spine by the insertion of a metal slide. Subsequently he had persistent problems with infection. He required three further operations which culminated in the removal of all the metalwork. His spinal deformity became worse than it was before and the chronic spinal infection may […]

Fit for a King?

In these times of austerity when the NHS faces perhaps its greatest challenge yet trying to meet incessantly rising patient demand with dwindling financial and human resources it is tempting for patients (at least those who can afford it) to look to the private health sector for salvation.


Over 3 million people in the UK have diabetes and the disease accounts for around 10% of our annual healthcare spend.

Cerebral Palsy resulting from birth injury

The circumstances in which Miss A came to sustain her brain damage are as follows.  Her mother, was admitted to Hospital with spontaneous rupture of membranes in labour, this being her first pregnancy, at the age of 18.  At around 03:45, a fetal bradycardia developed and Miss A was born in poor condition at 04:08.  […]

John’s story

Take a moment to hear from John Clark, one of our clients who suffered from Cauda Equina. In this video, John explains how he has been affected by the condition, his desire to seek answers as to why it had happened and the role that Moore Blatch played to help John with his rehabilitation and […]

Cauda Equina claims

Cauda Equina is a life-changing condition whereby the nerves at the bottom of the spine get compressed, which if left undiagnosed is a medical emergency. Maya Sushila, partner at Moore Blatch explains in more detail.

Medical negligence

Medical negligence claims arise when a medical professional has failed to take reasonable care in treating or diagnosing a patient. Vicky Hydon, partner at Moore Blatch talks through the process of a bringing a claim for compensation.

Funding for cataract surgery

It was recently reported in the Sunday Times that the Greenwich Clinical Commissioning Group, an NHS body which plans health services for the London Borough, proposes to stop one of the most common NHS operations as part of cost-cutting measures. It reportedly blames rising demand from an ageing population. In future, it is suggested the […]

Let’s support the RNIB

Loss of vision or visual impairment can be one of the most devastating and frightening things that can ever happen to you. The human eyes are an extraordinary organ. They make approximately 200,000 movements per day and are able to distinguish around 10 million colours. The impact of having this all taken away can be […]

Compensation for the loss of a loved one – how are damages quantified?

When an individual successfully brings a personal injury or clinical negligence claim, they will typically be awarded a lump sum payment known as ‘damages’. The purpose of those damages is to put the injured person, as best as possible, back into the position they would have been had the accident or clinical negligence not occurred. […]