U-Triumph podcast – Episode Two – Martin Griffiths

The U-Triumph Podcast, created and hosted by Senior Partner Trevor Sterling, has launched! The U-Triumph Podcast will share success stories that will encourage people, especially those from diverse backgrounds, not just to aspire to climb the ladder but to become the ladder.

Want to know how a kid from a woking-class background becomes a leading trauma surgeon, navigates the unconscious bias of medicine, is a prominent force in the fight against knife crime and still has the energy to adopt and raise two children?

Take a listen to this episode with the incredible Martin Griffiths CBE: Trauma surgeon, change maker and father.

Martin’s story is raw, real and inspiring. During the conversation, he shared how he has:

  • Smashed through diversity barriers in medical school and beyond.
  • Built award-winning violence reduction programs to heal communities.
  • Led the charge on COVID vaccination efforts.
  • Adopted his sons, and the joys (and challenges!) of fatherhood.

A massive thank you to Martin for generously speaking about his experiences, to help be the ladder.

I am not a person who likes to crow about what I have done. I have a long list of boxes I have ticked, but its never been done in the service of me.

My best work has always been done in the service of other people. It’s never be for or about me, it’s not the way I am built. It’s always about we can do. The thing to take away, is that everybody has the power to make changes.

Martin Griffiths CBE: Trauma Surgeon, Changemaker and Father

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