U-Triumph podcast – Episode One – Shaun Wallace

The U-Triumph Podcast, created and hosted by Senior Partner Trevor Sterling, has launched! The U-Triumph Podcast will share success stories that will encourage people, especially those from diverse backgrounds, not just to aspire to climb the ladder but to become the ladder.

In this, the first episode Trevor speaks to Shaun Wallace, a Barrister and lecturer famous for his role as “The Dark Destroyer” on the TV quiz show The Chase. Shaun talks about his journey to fame, including his career as a barrister and the challenges he faced and overcame on the path to success.

Celebrate your success – but live the moment just for that second. You have to realise that success brings you to the starting line of a different challenge. To achieve further success you have to keep moving forward and setting challenges for yourself.

Shaun Wallace

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