Denise Deakin: 1962-2021

It is with great sadness that we announce that Denise Deakin has recently died. Please see our tribute to her.


About Denise

An experienced medical negligence specialist. Extensive experience in settling a wide variety of medical negligence claims on behalf of clients, helping secure compensation for their injuries and providing for future medical and care needs.

Supportive clients who have suffered brain injuries such as HSE encephalitis, septicaemia, loss of vision, hearing loss, obstetric, amputation and other orthopaedic injuries, hemochromatosis, osteoporosis, and delayed cancer cases, particularly prostate and bowel cancers.

Our clients come to us in the most difficult and demanding circumstances and we aim is to simplify the legal process and to remove as much of the stress as possible to help them through what is already a difficult and often traumatic time.

Our clients are also keen to ensure that lessons are learned, and necessary changes made to avoid similar mistakes in the future. We ensure issues are raised and recommendations are implemented.

Specialised in medical negligence, having previously had a successful career in the NHS to senior nurse level.

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