Employment news – Issue three

Read the final edition of the Employment News Update for 2020. It’s been an interesting year for employment law – having to get to grips fast with remote-working in the midst of a pandemic. In January, our main concern as employment lawyers was IR35 and the new clauses that had to be included in employment contracts from April. By March, we were wrestling with the new concepts of furlough leave by trying to navigate rapidly-prepared Government guidance. During the summer we were dealing with the winding-up of furlough leave and, as the scheme was phased out, keeping up with the changes to employer contributions. This was a time when several clients had to make difficult decisions about whether their business could actually afford to bring staff back from furlough. Then in the autumn, just as we were getting our heads around the Job Support Scheme which should have come into effect from 1 November, we suddenly found ourselves dealing with an extended furlough scheme.

Throughout all that chaos we also carried out a merger in May – to become Moore Barlow. Mergers are difficult at the best of times, but even more so when everything has to be done remotely and via webcam. But we overcame it all and now finish the year a bigger, stronger employment law team than when we started it.

We know the pandemic and its struggles are far from over, but we offer all our clients festive greetings and the very best for the New Year. The employment law team will be on hand for whatever 2021 brings – and we very much hope it will be more positive than 2020!