Moore Blatch teams up with national road collision charity

National law firm Moore Blatch has today announced a new partnership with RoadPeace, the UK’s leading charity for victims of road traffic collisions.

The new partnership will see Moore Blatch join RoadPeace’s legal panel, sharing their expertise in pursuing claims for clients involved in road traffic collisions that have led to serious injuries or fatalities with the charity and the individuals they support.

As part of the new partnership, Moore Blatch will signpost clients who could benefit from RoadPeace’s support services, while road collision victims will be able to access leading legal support from Moore Blatch, allowing them to secure the vital rehabilitation services and compensation they need for their recovery.

Moore Blatch and RoadPeace will also campaign together for improvements to the justice system for victims of road traffic collisions. Issues such as strengthened investigation of incidents and better compensation for victims are causes that Moore Blatch’s lawyers are passionate about, and Moore Blatch and RoadPeace will work together to raise awareness.

Moore Blatch have a history of pioneering innovative partnerships with charities to help provide a better and more comprehensive service to their clients, and this new agreement with RoadPeace is the latest example of their philanthropic approach. The firm takes a holistic approach to supporting clients, with Moore Blatch’s specialist Major Trauma Service complemented by the probate and court of protection teams.

Moore Blatch are a leading UK law firm specialising in accessing rehabilitation for those who have suffered major trauma due to a non-fault incident, and representing bereaved clients at inquests. To speak with a specialist solicitor, please Freephone 0800 157 7611.

Matthew Claxson, Partner at Moore Blatch, said:

“I have personally been a supporter of RoadPeace for many years and am delighted and proud to formalise this relationship with the appointment of Moore Blatch to the legal panel. We are passionate about helping victims of road traffic collisions, and we are eager to support charities such as RoadPeace.

“This new partnership will also serve to supplement our specialist serious injury practice here at Moore Blatch, allowing our clients to access the invaluable support that RoadPeace provides.”

Sara Dowling, Membership and Fundraising Manager at RoadPeace, said:

“As a charity, we believe it is important to provide the people we support with the highest quality services to get them through the challenges they face following a road traffic collision.

“With their strong track record in supporting victims of road collisions with high quality legal assistance, and their close affinity with the values and mission of RoadPeace, Moore Blatch are the perfect addition to our legal panel.”