Moore Blatch signs up to Shared Forest Business Group

During the course of 2016, nearly 100 New Forest animals were killed by vehicles travelling along roads through the New Forest.  Moore Blatch is one of several local employers that has signed up to the Shared Forest Business Group, a charter where members agree to promote safe driving on Forest roads.

Kerry Dovey, a new Forest Commoner and Associate at Moore Blatch, has herself lost a mare after a driver hit it whilst driving through the Forest. “The winter months see a spike in ponies and cattle deaths on our roads, deaths that are largely due to a fatal combination of poor visibility, drivers unaware that ponies, cattle and donkeys have right of way on forest roads, plus too many people driving at unsafe speeds, especially at night.

“Signing up to this charter means we are promoting safe driving amongst all our employees, as well as promoting the campaign on our premises.  The ponies, cattle, donkeys and pigs are a key part of what makes the New Forest unique and the contribution that commoning makes to the New Forest is vital for its survival; let’s look after it as best we can.”

The Shared Forest Business Group is part of the #Add3minutes campaign.