Moore Blatch recognises healthcare workers killed in conflict with memorial

Representatives of national law firm Moore Blatch are being joined by senior figures from the NHS and the armed forces today (8th December) for the unveiling of a plaque to commemorate healthcare workers who lost their lives in the line of duty.

The plaque, which celebrates the bravery of military nurses will be unveiled by the Mary Seacole Trust , a charity that aims to promote the legacy of Crimean War nurse Mary Seacole , at St Thomas’ Hospital in London. The memorial will sit alongside the statue of Mary Seacole, which was unveiled last year by the Mary Seacole Memorial Statue Appeal.

Moore Blatch has a close partnership with the Mary Seacole Trust: Trevor Sterling, Partner at Moore Blatch, is the Chair of the trust, and the firm was heavily involved in the Mary Seacole Memorial Statue Appeal which campaigned for over 12 years to raise over ¬£500,000 for the statue.

Trevor Sterling, Chair of the Mary Seacole Trust and Partner at Moore Blatch LLP, said:

“It is an honour to unveil this plaque in tribute to the countless military nurses who gave their lives in the line of duty, and it is fitting that it should rest alongside the statue of Mary Seacole, who exemplified the courage and dedication of the nurses who serve in the armed forces.

“Moore Blatch has been a champion for the Mary Seacole Trust from the very beginning, and we are delighted to support the unveiling of this plaque at St Thomas’ Hospital.”

Damian Horan, Senior Partner at Moore Blatch, said:

“Moore Blatch is proud to support of the work of the Mary Seacole Trust in promoting the legacy of Mary and the many other nurses who have served in our military. This plaque is a suitable tribute to the heroism of these nurses, and a reminder that we should continue to strive to uphold the values that they represented.”