Bezos amicable divorce strategy could save in legal fees and protect their family relationships advises lawyers

Jeff and Mackenzie Bezos’ divorce, announced on Wednesday in a tweet, highlights the pragmatism of the world’s richest man.

With a net worth of over $136 billion dollars Jeff and Mackenzie Bezos could be facing the world’s largest lawyers’ divorce bills. Instead, in Jeff Bezos’ tweet he stated that he and his wife, Mackenzie, had come to a joint decision to divorce after 25 years of marriage. Importantly he made it clear that the couple intends to remain friends with wonderful futures ahead, as parents and partners in ventures.

The couple’s statement suggests that they intend to work together to resolve their divorce claims against each other. This is very reminiscent of the ‘conscious uncoupling’ of Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin, the words chosen by Gwyneth in 2014 to describe their joint decision to divorce and has led to an amicable relationship moving forward.

Sahil Aggarwal, divorce lawyer, Moore Blatch, comments;

“Jeff and Mackenzie Bezos’ indicated approach to their divorce is especially relevant in the lead up to Family Mediation Week – 21st to 25th January. Mediation allows couples to discuss issues between themselves with the aid of an impartial mediator, helping to facilitate negotiations while still benefiting from legal advice alongside but without the conflict. It gives couples control to make decisions together in a more harmonious environment than traditional divorce proceedings. It can also save thousands of pounds in legal fees.

“It’s therefore easy to see from the couple’s statement and their intention to remain “partners in ventures” that they might choose mediation to settle their divorce. Such a high profile case could also pave the way for many other couples to choose mediation as a way of settling their divorce.”

Sarah French, mediator and divorce lawyer, Moore Blatch, adds:

“As a mediator I regularly see couples work together to reach a financial settlement and agree a parenting plan, if applicable, which makes the work very rewarding and saves the family lots of money in legal fees, which would otherwise be spent on costly and stressful litigation. The approach of Mr and Mrs Bezo would definitely lend itself to mediation, which requires a level of trust and a desire to resolve things in a constructive and conciliatory fashion for the benefit of themselves and their family”.