Webinar: The ongoing challenge of bringing staff back to the workplace

Since 1 August, the government has given employers the green light to bring their employees back to the workplace (provided it is safe to do so), but it has been a slow trickle effect.

Many people are opting to continue to work from home for a number of reasons, including health & safety, family commitments and work/life balance.

In this webinar, we discuss the ongoing challenges that employers are facing in bringing reluctant employees back to the workplace, including how to deal with an influx of flexible working requests. We will also look at what issues arise when employees work from home on a long-term or permanent basis.

This webinar followed on from our previous webinar ‘To return to work – or not’. If you missed the webinar, watch here.


If you missed our webinar, watch the recording here

Date: Wednesday 9 September 2020

  • Katherine Maxwell, Partner at Moore Barlow
  • Michelle Tudor, Senior associate at Moore Barlow