Webinar: Determining your workers’ employment status and how to manage legal risks

In the on-going Uber drivers’ case, the recent landmark decision of the Supreme Court has changed the approach that Employment Tribunals and Courts should take in determining whether gig economy and other workers are genuinely self- employed, statutory Workers or employees. How will tribunals now decide future cases regarding employment status for workers of businesses in the ‘gig economy’ and other areas of industry. Who is, or is not, an employee, a worker or genuinely self-employed? In this webinar, we consider how you should contract with your workforce going forward.

We identify the relative risks you should be aware of in engaging with employees, limb b workers, atypical workers, such as agency temps, casuals and, of course, the genuinely self- employed. We provide suggestions as to how to manage such risks.

This webinar is aimed at HR representatives, managers, directors and business owners.


If you missed our webinar, watch the recording here

Date: Wednesday 18 August 2021

  • David Ludlow, Partner at Moore Barlow
  • Esmat Faiz, Solicitor at Moore Barlow