Webinar: Artificial Intelligence Technology

How artificial intelligence products and tools can enhance and add value to your business.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly used in a range of different ways to improve customer experience, streamline work processes and provide predictive analysis – AI is set to transform and increase productivity. Our webinar will focus on how AI products and tools can enhance and add value to your business and some of the risks, challenges and barriers to adopting AI technology.


If you missed our webinar, watch the recording here

Date: Wednesday 16 September

  • AI and the Law: Dorothy Agnew – Partner at Moore Barlow, explores the legal regulation of AI and overcoming the legal risks and challenges of developing and using AI solutions in your business.
  • Sector examples of AI: Adrian Price, Business Development, Menzies illustrates a number of examples of AI in different sectors.
  • Intelligent Security: Mike Jenkings – Chief Commercial Officer, Cybrid Solutions discusses the use of AI in security and surveillance systems.
  • Andy Dollin – Chief Operating Officer, Tonic Analytics talks about applying large scale analytics solutions and use of AI in the Galileo programme.

About our guest speakers:

Andy Dollin has over 25 years’ experience in applying large scale analytics solutions to solve real world challenges. As director of the Galileo Programme, Andy focusses on the use of innovative data analytics, including AI, to improve public safety whilst also preventing and detecting crime.

Mike Jenkings has over 20 years’ experience in IT management, strategy and technical development including 10 years as head of IT for a global aviation company. As CCO of Cybrid Solutions Mike has been instrumental in developing Cybrid’s intelligent monitoring systems which use built-in analytics engines to monitor and control industrial processes, manage cyber security threats and provide intelligent surveillance systems.

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