What to do after an accident on the slopes

January and February are the most common months for skiing holidays, when people of all skiing and snowboarding capabilities set off for the slopes.

Skiing and snowboarding are both exceptionally enjoyable activities however it is very important to keep ski safety in mind at all times and to make sure that you use the appropriate and safest equipment.

Snow sports carry an acknowledged risk of accidents and injury which are more often than not deemed part and parcel of the whole experience.

Many accidents are caused by collisions with reckless skiers or snowboarders, however there are other potential injury risks including improper use of the ski lift, accidents with snowmobiles or snow groomers as well as use of incorrect or faulty equipment.

In the unfortunate event that you sustain an injury whilst on the slopes you should report the accident to your hotel and also your holiday representative, if applicable. Then, once you return home, you should seek legal advice to determine whether you have a claim against the party who caused the accident.

Reference will need to be made to the rules of conduct set out by The International Ski Federation which offers guidance to all slope users.

In order to make a claim, the accident must have been caused by one or more of the following:-

  • Another participant- such as another skier or snowboarder, snowmobile or snow groomer user
  • Faulty equipment
  • Faulty resort equipment such as a ski lift being poorly maintained
  • Inadequate / unsafe tuition
  • Failure to provide safety protection, such as helmets

Given the information set out above it is also very important to make sure that when you go on holiday you take out adequate ski insurance, just in case you become the party who causes injury to another.

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