Substantial damages for significant brain injury following road traffic accident

Our client sustained a very significant brain injury in a road traffic accident. Our client was walking along the road when the Defendant drove into him. He was airlifted to hospital from the scene of the accident.

The accident circumstances were unusual in that there were no witnesses and our client was unable to give a recollection of how the accident occurred on account of his injuries. The police did not investigate the accident and took the word of the Defendant that she was blinded by a low winter’s sun.

The case was turned down by a large number of firms and we were eventually approached by our client’s cousin and we agreed to deal with the claim. Despite a robust denial of liability we managed eventually to secure judgment in favour of our client.

There were arguments in relation to our client’s pre-existing medical problems and we needed to obtain evidence from a Neurologist and Psychiatrist with experience in dementia.

Prior to the accident our client was living independently. Following the accident he was reliant on others for most aspects of daily care and he was moved to a residential home.

Our client lacked capacity and was incapable of managing his own affairs. We received our instructions from a solicitor who had been appointed as his deputy.

The case settled before trial for a significant six figure sum.