Student receives compensation after suffering an avoidable hip dislocation

Mr L has recovered compensation following a second hip dislocation in 2016.

Mr L first dislocated his hip whilst playing rugby in February 2016 and was admitted to the Defendant’s hospital.  His hip joint was successfully manipulated back into the correct position.

Mr L was discharged three days later without receiving any advice from the hospital, including specifically whether or not he should adhere to any hip precautions. He was also not provided with any crutches and was not made aware that they were necessary.

Mr L mobilised as normal, having not been advised otherwise, and six days after his discharge he dislocated his hip again after bending forwards.

He was admitted to the Defendant’s hospital where his hip was again manipulated back into position. As he had suffered a second dislocation it was decided that he would need to undergo surgery to fix his hip into place with a metal plate. He was discharged four days later with detailed advice regarding hip precautions and he was provided with crutches.

Despite denying any negligence in their complaint correspondence with Mr L and upon them then receiving our Letter of Claim, the Defendant admitted that it was negligent to have discharged Mr L without advising him of the hip precautions and without providing him with crutches. The Defendant made an offer to settle Mr L’s claim which he accepted.

One of Moore Blatch’s clinical negligence solicitors, Wallis Crockford handled the case.

Wallis said:

“I am really pleased that we were able to reach a prompt and appropriate settlement without the need to issue Court proceedings. I hope this will allow Mr L to move on with his life and focus on enjoying many more games of rugby.”  

Mr L said:

“The service I received was extremely professional and the case was dealt with expertly.  I was kept well informed of any developments throughout the case and the whole process was made incredibly easy. I would thoroughly recommend Wallis and Moore Blatch solicitors.”