Patient who underwent negligent hip revision surgery receives life changing compensation

Ms X, was a very active 63-year old mentor for disabled university students at the time she was advised to undergo what she thought was going to be routine right hip replacement surgery at the Queen Elizabeth, Queen Mother Hospital (QEQM) in 2014 due to increasingly symptomatic osteoarthritis.

Unfortunately Ms X had a very poor outcome. She remained in a great deal of pain and stiffness and had difficulty walking long after the standard post-surgical convalescence period. She walked with an antalgic gait and was strongly Trendelenburg positive. X-ray imaging showed a significant leg length discrepancy and a femero-acetabular offset. Belated MRI imaging suggested the abductor muscles were atrophied. Ms X eventually underwent revision surgery in 2016 which revealed “no abductor attachment” and an “aseptic loosening acetabular cup”.

It became apparent that the original operating surgeon had negligently avulsed all or virtually all of the hip abductor muscles, had failed to prepare the bony bed and/or cement the acetabular component adequately, and had failed to obtain a reasonable leg and offset with no evidence of any pre-operative templating or other intra-operative techniques to ensure these were achieved. There was then a subsequent admitted delay in identifying that the abductor repair had failed in the post-operative period.

As a result, Ms X was left with a permanent and disabling hip injury and related symptoms including significant pain and loss of mobility.

Ms X contacted Moore Blatch LLP’s clinical negligence solicitors team where Mr Sarmad Gassoub investigated the case and gathered supportive expert evidence and witness statements. Court proceedings were issued, judgement entered against the Trust. Ms X recovered a very substantial compensation award that made provision for her future care, accommodation, equipment, treatment and other existing and longer term needs.

Ms X said: ‘Sarmad took on my case from another firm where it had failed. At first this looked to be an impossible task as a result of the remaining time allowed to complete. However he came up with an innovative solution which meant the case could go forward. It has been a long road where the successful outcome is due to Sarmad’s complete belief in the case from the outset where any difficulties were met head on with total commitment to their resolution. Such professionalism was also combined with care and friendly support in helping me through an occasional case related ‘meltdown’! I can’t thank him enough and would certainly recommend him’.