Patient awarded sizeable compensation award for DVT injury caused by negligent inguinal hernia repair surgery

Mr X a Southampton based Local Produce Specialist aged 33 was in previous good health. He needed a laparoscopic left inguinal hernia at the Southampton NHS Treatment Centre on 10 April 2015 because of what was considered to be a soft, non-tender, and easily reducible lump in the area of his groin. It was supposed to be a day procedure.

After the operation was performed, Mr X was very poorly and had to kept in overnight. He felt very pale and weak. The following day he unusually began to complain of a swollen left leg which did not subside over time. He had a lot of pain in his calf when walking. An ultrasound scan was finally performed which revealed a DVT (deep vein thrombosis).

Following investigations, it was established that this was caused due to an inadvertent and negligently caused injury to his external iliac vein during surgery and the subsequent applications of one or two clips used to control the bleeding.

As a result, Mr X went on to suffer from a persistent and substantial increase in the pressure of the leg veins, resulting in chronic swelling of the left leg and a feeling of heaviness and aching made worse by exercise such as walking. His condition is permanent. He is required to wear an unsightly and uncomfortable tight elastic compression stocking every day to help prevent the risk of a further DVT injury occurring.

Mr X suffers now from permanent leg pain and a psychiatric injury which have impacted on his ability to work and travel amongst other things.

Mr X contacted Moore Blatch LLP’s clinical negligence solicitors team, where Tim Spring and Mr Sarmad Gassoub investigated the case and gathered supportive expert evidence and witness statements. Court proceedings were issued, judgement entered against Care UK Ltd (the relevant organisation responsible for the treatment Mr X received), and assisted with negotiations which ultimately resulted in Mr X recovering a substantial compensation award.

Mr X said: ‘Moore Blatch were extremely helpful to me with my clinical negligence case. Sarmad Gassoub was tenacious, meticulously detailed and professional in his approach, whilst remaining friendly and approachable. The more dealings I had with Sarmad, the more trust I put in him to help guide me through a challenging case. I would recommend Sarmad to anyone that is in need of support with a clinical negligence claim’.