Millions in compensation obtained for client involved in serious motorcycle accident

At the time of the accident our client worked as an optometrist and had a wife and three young children. His wife was pregnant with their fourth child.

The accident occurred when he was riding his motorcycle and a car pulled out from a lay-by without warning and attempted a “U” turn across his path.

Notwithstanding the fact that he was wearing a helmet, he sustained a severe closed head injury leading to him being in a coma for 5 weeks with post traumatic amnesia for 5 months. He underwent intensive rehabilitation and was eventually discharged from hospital in a wheelchair to his parents’ care one year after the accident.

Sadly, as a result of the injuries sustained and the change in his mental and physical function, his wife declined to accept him back into the matrimonial home and subsequently the marriage broke down.
He continued to suffer from poor/impaired memory, altered personality, poor speech, and restricted mobility. The client retained a good insight into his disabilities and frequently made comparison to his former self, which was difficult for him and his family.

Moore Blatch secured an admission of liability from the Defendant and obtained an initial interim payment of £175,000. We also assisted with planning his future care and case management by obtaining reports in relation to nursing care, occupational therapy, housing needs and psychiatry together with specialist medico-legal reports from leading experts. It was important in this case to establish whether our client would be able to live independently and, if so, what level of support and assistance he would require in the future.

During a round table meeting with leading counsel, the defendant and their Solicitor and Counsel we achieved an award of £3,100,000.00 in brain injury compensation for our client.