Lady receives over £1million in compensation following negligent treatment after her hip surgery

Ms S has recovered compensation following a procedure to resurface her hip in 2009, which resulted in an infection that severely damaged her leg and hip, leaving her unable to walk or work and requiring extensive care on a daily basis.

Ms S had a long history of problems with her left hip. She had 2 pelvic osteotomies at the age of 18. She began suffering with pain in early 2009, and underwent surgery to resurface her hip in March 2009. Her leg wound was kept open for 28 weeks and became severely infected. She was readmitted to hospital in April 2009. She had by this point developed a severe infection in her hip which required numerous surgeries to control. A full hip replacement was undertaken in September 2010.  She has since required multiple surgeries on her hip and suffered wound and bone infections requiring extensive steroid treatment.

Ms S alleged that the Defendant trust negligently failed to undertake a full hip exploration and debridement following the 2009 procedure, and failed to treat the deep-set infection appropriately. It was further alleged that no full exploration or treatment of the infection was undertaken following her readmission to hospital.

The Defendant admitted liability in February 2014 for breaching its duty of care to Ms S by failing to treat the post-operative infection adequately in April 2009, resulting in harm to Ms S. It was Ms S’s case that had her infection been appropriately treated in April 2009, on the balance of probabilities she would have made a full recovery from the infection and been able to return to her previous daily life. She would have been able to return to work full time and carry out day-to-day tasks without assistance, retaining function in her hip for several years to come.

The case settled for a sum in excess of £1million, 7 months before trial.

One of Moore Blatch’s clinical negligence solicitors, Maya Sushila, who handled the case said “this has been a long hard battle. Although admissions were made by the defendant NHS Trust relatively early on, we had to push really hard to get to the point of settlement. Ms S is wheelchair bound and severely restricted in her daily life and that has taken its toll and had a significant emotional impact on her. I am genuinely pleased that Ms S can draw a line under this stressful period in her life and get some financial and emotional comfort from the settlement.”

Ms S said “7 & 1/2 years ago I underwent a routine operation that went drastically wrong leaving me wheelchair bound & needing care for the rest of my life. I was 35 years old. I contacted Moore Blatch 5 years ago who put me in contact with Maya Sushila their medical injuries expert.  It was the best decision I could have made. Maya has been a close part of my life since that 1st call, she consulted me & my close family on every development of my case. She has supported us when times got extremely difficult & gave me a pep talk when needed. Maya has always been professional & has fought extremely hard every step of the way & ensured I had the best experts & advice to aid my claim. Due to Maya & her team my case has been successful. I cannot thank her enough for ensuring that for the rest of my life I have the means to receive the best care possible. Thank you Maya. Thank you Moore Blatch.”