Helping entrepreneurs achieve their objectives

Being entrepreneurial means different things to different people, but to us here at Moore Barlow, we know it means being fleet of foot and highly adaptable when our entrepreneurial clients need to move quickly to take advantage of an opportunity.

Recently we helped one such client who was looking to restructure his business portfolio to concentrate on one specific area of the healthcare services business he had built up over 10 years. Having created a franchise model for part of it, he was keen to invest more time and money on that side, and so decided to sell the adjacent business operation. Once a buyer was found, our client chose to use the Moore Barlow corporate team to provide transaction support.

We have had a long standing relationship with our client. As private client lawyers we provided advice to him and various groups within his businesses, as well as private property transactions and lease support. Our client had always felt we offered a “personal approach, despite being a mid sized firm” and was confident in our cross practice breadth and depth of expertise.

Our team, led by corporate partner David Bright, worked closely with our client helping him navigate a transaction that had various twists and turns, not least in part due to the pandemic and all the attendant risks that bought. From the buyer changing their mind – and the offer – and the banking environment growing very risk-averse, the commercial due diligence became more complex, and the transaction took a lot longer than originally intended.

Eventually our team managed to get the sale through and achieve a great outcome for the client, ensuring that he wasn’t financially disadvantaged despite the delay. As he says, “I love business and I love the sector I work in” and now he is free to get on with investing in his existing business, driving the next stage of its growth.

I knew Moore Barlow well already before we embarked on this transaction, but David Bright and I really clicked when we met. I felt very comfortable that he and his team knew exactly how I wanted to progress this sale. They were responsive and always dealt with issues quickly and commercially. I would also describe them as very client-centric and pragmatic.

Client, healthcare services sector