£1.5 million settlement for 59-year-old woman in her claim against an NHS organisation

Moore Blatch has successfully represented a 59-year-old woman in her claim against an NHS organisation.

Our client attended an NHS Treatment Centre in order to have an incisional hernia repair under general anaesthetic. What was a seemingly routine operation transcended into something much more severe leading to our client suffering hypoxic brain damage.

As a result of the Defendant’s negligence during the anaesthetic procedure, causing around 25 minutes of hypoxia, our client suffered brain damage causing spastic tetra-paresis and pseudo-bulbar palsy together with cerebellar ataxia affecting her arms and legs. She requires a wheelchair to mobilise and extensive support and care, primarily due to her lack of independent mobility.

Maya Sushila, a Partner in Clinical Negligence at Moore Blatch acted on the woman’s behalf and secured a settlement of £1.5 million for her. She said “The compensation will help provide our client with the level of care she will need without having to worry about financial pressures, allowing her to have peace of mind for her future and a better quality of life.

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