Would an Australian points based system work in the UK?

Boris Johnson has recommended that we move towards an ‘Australian style’ points based system. We already have a points based system in the UK so how would this differ from the Australian one?
The Australian system is based upon scoring according to a list of criteria such as language, ability, age, competency, professional qualifications and industry based experience. The points need to be above a minimum point requirement which means that then they will be granted a visa.
You can balance out the score if your level of English is limited but you have a great deal of work experience.

How is this different from the current PBS?

The UK Points based system was introduced in 2007, this system must meet mandatory criteria before they are assigned any points. Also there is no room to compensate scoring points in one area and if it is not met in another area. It is very different from our current system in the UK which is a black and white approach to immigration.

The main difference is in the UK they need a guaranteed job offer.

We cannot see how another Australian style points based system would work in the UK. It wont necessary reduce net migration to the UK. We anticipate that it would bring about a new set of issues.

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