What do Valentine’s Day and Divorce have in common?

It might seem impossible but Valentine’s Day and divorce have one thing in common; they can be the beginning of something new, the next chapter in someone’s life. People going through divorce will often ask whether they can and should date other people while divorcing their ex-spouse.

Can I date during divorce?

Firstly, anyone going through a divorce can certainly date other people. There is no rule that says how long you should wait and whether your divorce must be finalised before dating other people. I always tell my clients that they should not put their lives on hold and try live every day to the fullest whether that involves trying new hobbies or meeting new people.

Should you date during a divorce?

Secondly, the question as to whether you should date other people before finalising your divorce is a matter for you to decide. In most circumstances, it won’t have any impact on the divorce itself but in other circumstances it can affect the financial settlement. If you and your new partner begin living together in a cohabiting relationship, then their financial circumstances will need to be considered insofar as they are potentially providing another source of income and capital which you can use to meet your housing and income needs. Dating someone else might also have an impact on the way in which your ex-spouse engages with the divorce, for example some may take it as a sign that the marriage is well and truly over allowing them to move on and fully engage with the divorce.

Lastly, if you decide to return back to the dating scene but chose not to cohabit for the time being then it is equally relevant if you plan on living together with your new partner in the foreseeable future. The finances in any divorce are dealt with by looking to the future and seeing where both spouses will be, if that future as far as you can reasonably foresee involves living with your new partner then their finances will need to be considered.

In summary, you can date other people even if you are currently divorcing your ex-spouse so if you are lucky enough to have a date on Valentine’s Day then make the most of it. You only need to be aware that if you are thinking about moving in together with your new partner or already have then you would be best advised to speak to a family solicitor to find out what impact this may have on your divorce.

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