What are the benefits of family mediation?

As a family law solicitor and Law Society accredited mediator I regularly assist clients going through a separation or divorce in resolving their financial affairs and/or difficulties in the arrangements for the children.  There are many benefits of choosing mediation to resolve these issues, some of which are as follows:

1. It is your choice

Mediation is completely voluntary so if you decide to mediate that is your choice.  No one can be forced to mediate and you can end the process at any time if you want to do so.  Having two people choose to mediate establishes a buy-in and willingness to resolve matters from the start which is helpful.

2. You make the decisions

The outcome is arrived at by you and your former partner.  You cannot have a decision imposed upon you by the mediator.  The mediator will provide legal information as necessary and guide you through the process, but the decisions are yours.  

3. You can still have legal advice

Alongside mediation you are encouraged to speak to your solicitor to take legal advice and I highlight particular times when this would be especially useful.  It is your choice though, whether or not you choose not to engage a solicitor.

4. It is usually cheaper 

As any lawyers are involved less than when a couple are in court proceedings, or there are solicitors’ negotiations, normally the costs overall are cheaper as the couple do all the work in the mediation sessions.  It is usual for the mediator’s fees to be shared between the couple, but they can decide how they wish to spilt the costs.  Some couples, for example, allocate a joint savings account to pay the fees. 

5. It is usually quicker 

You decide the pace at which mediation progresses.  There is no set timetable forced upon you.  Therefore, the sessions are diarised according to how quickly or not the two of you wish to meet.  We have two full-time mediators in our team so can usually accommodate couples quickly and easily. 

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