Transaction top tips

We are seeing numerous transactions in the TMT sector, many of which are a consolidation of the market. Additionally, a number of these transactions are bolt-ons with businesses adding additional expertise.

With this in mind, here are my top five tips for successful transactions and scale ups:

1. Planning: Plan both the transaction itself and the post- transaction period well in advance. Seek professional advice at an early stage to assist with structuring the transaction to suit the future ambitions and intentions of your business. Set your goals for the transaction at the outset and stick to them.

2. Due diligence: Complete targeted due diligence with your overall goals in mind. Use due diligence as a ‘getting to know exercise’ and focus on understanding your key assets.

3. Internal teams: Ensure that your internal teams are experienced in managing transactions and have the authority to make decisions.

4. External teams: Appoint professional advisers that you have
a good relationship with, and who inspire confidence. Speak frankly with your advisers and ensure that they take instructions, not give them.

5. Momentum: Maintain momentum. Allocate sufficient internal resource to ensure that the transaction is well prioritised.