The Hidden Dangers in #Hinchhauls

With the rise in the popularity of using a variety of the latest cleaning products advocated by popular Instagram accounts such as ‘Mrs Hinch.’ It is important to remember that we must keep the youngest members of our family safe from any products that may be harmful to them. Followers of these accounts are often publicising their #hinchhaul, which almost always include a box of washing capsules.

Washing capsules are bright, squidgy and shiny. It is no wonder that inquisitive children are reaching for them when exploring their world. However, they contain a dangerous cocktail of chemicals that can cause a significant amount of harm to a child. Not only are the children at risk from ingesting the chemicals, but if the capsules were to burst in their hands, this could also cause burns to their skin and their eyes.

A number of companies now support the ‘Keep Caps from Kids’ campaign which gives helpful advice about how to avoid such accidents. They suggest that laundry capsules are stored in a closed and locked cupboard or in a high place ensuring they are out of the reach of children.

The campaign also suggests seeking medical assistance or contacting the poison control centre if you find your child has ingested the chemicals from a laundry capsule. If the detergent has made contact with the skin or eyes; their advice is to rinse the area thoroughly and also seek medical assistance.

You should always ensure your child’s hands are washed to avoid any further spreading to the skin or eye area. Laundry capsules tend to be a very concentrated form of laundry detergent. Although they are undoubtedly more practical, they could be incredibly damaging should a child get hold of them.

Therefore when shopping for your #hinchhaul please ensure that you read the labels and ensure that anything that contains chemicals that could harm your child, are stored safely.

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